Thursday, February 03, 2011

My Lady's House...

"My Lady's House" by Iron and Wine

Here I am in Oslo, Norway. Tonight we play Rockefelle. I think we are two weeks into this tour. I am getting into my groove again. Iron and Wine has given me all sorts of new challenges. Some great old guitars that need a little love, some acoustics (i don't usually work with acoustics), a banjo, violin, and a mandolin. I like a challenge.

Like every year, I will promise myself to blog/write more, lets see how I do this year. I hope to post some pics up in the coming weeks.


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sean c said...

Hi Dylan. Just found your blog. You've had some cool gigs. Interested in hearing more of your adventures and state of mind while on the road. People think its so easy....tell more!

Sean in Austin