Sunday, August 30, 2009


Willie Nelson, "Hallelujah" from the record Songbird

When we arrived in Austin on 19 August, we did not know what fun Austin had for us. The Beauty Bar, was kind enough to let us join in on their BBQ fun for the evening. Austin friends came out, a few Donnaholics and some that just wanted to party. Some of the Blondie crew and band showed up, with Icubus crew in-tow. After several drinks it was time to get to bed. Thanx much to The Beauty Bar and Richard Henry for making it happen.

The next day, the big plan was for some golf and late lunch at La Condesa.

La Condesa, treated us real well. The service was great and the food was better. Everything had great flavor and balance. Later that evening we went upstairs to the bar, Malverde, and had a nice after party. They hooked us up with great bottle service (Tequila, Vodka and beer).

Here are some pictures, Amy Cesari (The Donnas' drummer for this tour) took of our meal that day.

Amy and Allison enjoy their tasty beverages.
Brett finds her drink to be tasty too!
The salsa and guacamole plate. I enjoyed the Salsa Verde very much. YUM!
This Chile Relleno was outta site. Allison was very pleased with it.
That's one crazy nacho action.
Doesn't that look like the best appitizer... it was.
These chips were fresh and tasty.

Thanx for the food La Condesa!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We are the Romans...

Last night we drove through a wicked Lightening Storm. This is what we listened to. It was the perfect music for nature doing its awesomeness.

This video is pretty much what it looked like.

Botch "We are the Romans"

Good Morning, this is me, and Erick just outta the shower.

See yall at the Beauty Bar Austin Tonight.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cell Mates...

"Cell Mates", Mariachi El Bronx, (2009, Swami Records)

Every morning on The Donnas, tour, we have listened to Mariachi El Bronx. It is a fantastic record. The record is being released with the cologne "Barrio Sweat", September 1st. Go get it.

We are in Pittsburgh today and this marks the 2/3 point in the tour. We have been out on the road since the 20th of July. Pat Benatar and Blondie and their crews have treated us very well. Things have been great. Some of the drives have been killer, but we have been keeping things fun.

Some of the highlights:
Who knew that Pennsylvania had good mexican food. I found two spots in Bethlehem, PA, Tulum and La Lupita. Both served up some tasty meals.

La Lupita, was different then any Mexican I have had before. Not sure where their version of Mexican food comes from, but it was very tasty mild treat.

Tulum, was a great taquria style Mexican food or Beth-Mex as they call it. It was veggie conscious and tasty.

But last night, in Pittsburgh, Mad Mex, took the first place prize. It was a fun bar with good tunes. They had vegan cheese and sour cream. Tofu filled tacos and veggie enchiladas. I had the the enchiladas, vegan style and it was the perfect flavor for the night. It also filled me to the perfect amount.

Speaking of food, we went to the Big Texan, on our drive to OKC. The Big Texan has a 72 oz steak challenge. Boy was I tempted. But damn it if I didn't feel like eating that much food. I would have died from food coma.

In Atlanta, we got our free stuff on. We went by Alternative Apparel and got to get some clothes. They are being shipped to us right now and I can't wait to have some new shirts!

In Vienna, VA, my old friend Jim Gruber came to hang out. Jim and I were in our first band together, PUD. Awful name, fun band. He was in DC to visit his brother Joe. Joe and his wife are having a baby.

Well, that's my update for now. Sorry for the lack of pics, but I am with out a camera.