Sunday, March 08, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

In January, Zane, Jokers of the Scene, Kim, and I, went to vegas for the weekend. Jokers and Kim had never been. I had Ms. K Wards birthday to attend. We jumped in a Bandago van and headed for the bright lights of the desert. We all stayed at the New York, New York hotel. Zane found a sweet deal and it seemed like a good place to start for a bunch of newbies. The weekend trip went well. Money was won, money was lost and a great time was tops, as always.



The Birthday Party. The Wards, are in the middle there, farthest from the camera. That food was so freaking good. I don't remember the name of the restuarant.

Never forget.

Zane going through his collector series of escorts.
and we listened to Patton Oswalt, A LOT! Here is one of our fav bits.