Saturday, January 17, 2009

Party Hard

Andrew WK aka AWK, "Party Hard"

This song kicks ass and has a lot of memories attached to it. When this record came out, things were getting a little stale in popular music and in the underground. Like a lightning strike, people began to have fun at shows again.

Just like AWK before him, Barack Obama is energizing this nation. People are having their optimism, sparked and rekindled. And in a few days, on 20 January 2009, it will be time to party and we - will - party - hard!

Election night for me happened in Brazil. I was on tour with The Donnas that week. We all were super nervous. All day people were asking us, "Obama?" I saw graffitti on the walls of the city. Joey the fun, J.Young, and I watched the results coming in on CNN. It was surreal. When the final results came in, we were 6 hours ahead (I think). I cried that night and felt like a great relief. I was so taken I went out on the balcony and just yelled, "OBAMA!" It was that exciting. People who know me, know that I am not a flag waving patriot. But that night, if I had a flag, I would have waved it. And the next day all of our Brazilian friends were congratulating us on Obama's election. I felt proud of our nation for once.

To me Obama, represents a better USA, that wants to get respect, not by demand but by action. When the slogans are done, the posters are sun faded and the dust has settled, he is just a politician, but the ideas, those are REAL. The dreams can happen. With out a utopian goal, we have no direction towards improvement.

20 January 2009, will be my Independance Day.

I know its a bad reference to the movie Independance Day.

But that was the most inspirational speech of my lifetime until Barack Obama's,"Yes We Can Speech"

and "Victory Speech".

Thanx for the hope. Now lets move forward and make it real.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Losing Stuff

George Carlin, "Losing Stuff".

Spring 2007, I toured with Arcade Fire. Most nights were spent drinking with Don Lee and Ryan George. There were more then one night that ended with the morning. My brain, was foggy most mornings, to say the least. It was no surprise to me one afternoon that when I got to the show, that my wallet was not with me. I figured in my fog, I had dumped my wallet out of my pants pocket, trying to put them on. I called the Hotel, the manager said he would talk to the staff when they came back the next morning. The next day, no wallet. "WTF. I know I had it at the hotel. That staff most have taken it!", I was pissed. I feel like every time something gets left behind in a hotel, it just gets thrown away or put into a pocket of a staff member.

9 January 2009, I get this email:
"Hey Dylan. My name is Charley Abdon. You may or may not remember me but I drove your crew bus with Arcade Fire in the spring of 2007. Some time ago, I changed buses and found a small billfold that belongs to you! Sorry for such a long delay but these things happen. At any rate, the billfold has your driver's license, a credit card, and even some cash! I don't need the cash...I'm loaded! Though I am sure you have replaced all of these items, I figure you may still want them! The billfold says "Pretty Girls Make Graves". Kinda cool. So tell me...what do I do? If you don't wanna mess with it, I'll cut up the cards and pitch it all..or... Would you like me to mail this stuff to you? If so, I will need your current address. Just let me know, one way or the other and I will get the billfold off to you. I hope all is going well with you! Be safe and always make progress!!

Charley Abdon
pitiful web site below
http://home. sprintmail. com/~carlbertjr/index. html"

I would like to officially apologize to the hotel staff of whatever hotel that was. Sorry hotel staff.

I would also like to know, how I went out that night without my wallet.

(Wallet, receipt (See below), cigar label (must of liked that cigar), my REI and ING Direct account numbers, a picture that Erin drew for me before leaving on tour, a ticket from I think the previous nights show, a passport pic of Erin, Metro card, Citi bank card, WDL, and a voided check that I was supposed to use to set up my direct deposit, for my paychecks. ($80 of pds not pictured) It is my very own time capsule. From a very turbulent year in my life)

(I am not sure what $108 gets at the Magnolia Tibetan Store of New York City, but I am sure I don't have it anymore.)

Looking through this wallet, was like looking through a strangers. I don't know this person, but I can see a bit of their life. Its a life I am no longer familiar with, on many levels.

The same day that I got this wallet in the mail from Charlie, I became "friends" on myspace with my ex-wife. Read into that what you will.

Actually the first half of January, has given me so much to think about. A ton of emotional events have occurred. This has been a thinking year so far. Lots of analysis of my past year, my future direction, and my constant need for a room mate (not all thoughts can be profound).

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Soul Finger

This blog is to be read/viewed while "Soul Finger" by The Bar-kays, plays.

Have you seen the movie "Spys LIke US" with Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase? One of my favorite exchanges is when they hear this song playing in the middle of the Russian woods... So GOOD. Check it out.

Pajama Jammy Jam 2009, was a great this year. It must have been, because I didn't get very many pictures. In fact my whole time in Seattle, although sad because it is no longer my home, was fun. Here are some pics of PJJ09 and other days spent in Seattle.

Check out full sets of pictures here: December 2008 and PJJ09

Snow at my parent's house.

Got a new wet suit for XMAS. Thanx mom and dad.

Must be a good party. I have a broad sword, chainmaille, gold and a chicken mask...

Saber time! (photo by Nate Manny)

When I sing Karaoke, I really get into it. Thanx Yahtzee posse.

A dude walks into a bar, when he walks out THERE IS 4 INCHES OF SNOW!

My friend Bob met me up at Linda's for a drink. Then the Yahtzee posse showed up. The night went LONG.

This is Dav, he plays bass in Book Of Black Earth. BoBE will be in LA later this month. I am way stoked.

Lay Lady Lay

I have been really mellow the last couple of days. Been listening to all sorts of stuff, this is one of my favorites. On tour with Sleepercar (Jim Ward of Sparta/ATDI), I would try and get Jim to play it every night. They played it most nights. I couldn't find a good version from Sleepercar, on youtube. So here is the original by Bob Dylan.