Saturday, September 06, 2008

Shooting Stars...

Ok, so I was supposed to post about last tour... FUCK IT. In short, I had a blast with the band. Their US manager, bailed right before tour. The Danish manager... Whatever. My mom could manage a band better. The band, great guys. They had fun at the beaches I took them to and I had fun showing them parts of America most Europeans (and Americans) don't see (like "The Thing" in the desert)... If you go to my photo album you can see pics.

Here I am on my next tour. Sleepercar.

Today we are in Vancouver. Things are going well and I am having fun. I am doing this tour for no money. Just to do it. Just to hang out with my friend Jim and his boys. Dudes, who before this week, I didn't know very well. But we have had fun. Like most "punk" or "underground" tours, the attendance has been low. But we have kept spirits up by flying hellacopters, Whiskey, and friends. I am just glad to be out for 12 days and to have passed the border with little incident.

Hanging out, drinking Whiskey at the Promoter's in Vancouver, BC. (Grandpa, Grumpy, Stachey)

Grandpa! Watch your head when coming off stage.

Ex Backstreet, helping Jim fly his Hellacopter.

Jim getting ready to fly hellacopter.