Sunday, April 20, 2008

Going back to Cali

"Going back to Cali" by LL Cool Jay. This song is from an era of Hip Hop that was exciting and a time when LL still had something worth listening to. LL himself didn't think it would be a hit. It is a perfect song for today. I hung out at The Reaper's house. EmKay Pants called me to hang out, Catsuit was also there. I tried rounding up Franki and Travis, but they had shit to take care of. Franki is busting out a bunch of new art and Travis did enough damage to his liver last night. We chilled by the pool, had lunch and talked about things.

The Gladiator, was put to good use today. EmKay Pants used him to saber two bottles of bubbly.

The Gladiator's, handy work from the BBQ last Saturday.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bastards of Young...

Bastards of Young, a fantastic song by The Replacements. I heard it every night on tour. The Cribs did a fantastic cover. So press play and continue reading.

March was a busy month for me. I had to prep for Austin and tour with The Cribs.

SXSW Austin, is a crazy time. You might have read my twitter while I was down there. I updated it often. Especially when bands ruled or when stress levels hit a high. My brother Gabe and my good friend Heather came down to help me out. The first night was at The Beauty Bar. It was an IHEARTCOMIX AND AMONLY SHOWCASE. The show kicked some ass. Demonbabies' visuals were killer as well. The highlights of the night was watching the drunkin mess that was the SR keyboard player of Shout Out Out, The antics and crowd invasion by Totally Michael and the killer set of the night by BOYS NOIZE. That man can make the biggest folk anti electronic music purist into an electronic DJ music fan. Which is to say, he made a fan out of me.

My brother Gabe ran the indoor stage atThe Beauty Bar show. You can read about his thoughts on his blog.

The next day was crazy nuts at the IHEARTCOMIX vs Mad Decent Austin Blow Out. We had about 47 artists, 4 stages, two floors and not enough security. Power went out, things went on and off schedule, booze was had, heat was crazy and fun was fun. If you throw all the problems to the side, I would say it was amazing. It was hard work on my part and all the staff. Thanx Gabe and Heather for running those stages for me. And a big thank you to Amber T for doing the VIP.

The crowd went ape shit for most all the acts. And even though we had to shut the doors down at about 10pm. There was still a line around the block for most of the night. I say people trying to talk their way in as late as 130am. And good job to all you who just walked up the parking garage ramp.

The next day was a relaxing day...or so I thought. I had to return projectors Atomic Picnic. Who saved our asses by providing projectors last min. After that Heather and I went into town to see what was up. We went and caught the last bit of Chromeo at Stubbs and said hello to Zane.

Outside Stubbs was the HEARTSCHALLENGER Ice Cream Truck. They hooked us up with Ice Cream. So good. Chi kept real busy that day. Chopper showed up and we all went to the Cadillac grill for soem food and booze. I was planning on going back to the hotel for sleep. but fuck it. So we drank and talked. And then some how I ended up helping Chopper load in The Donnas. Here I go again. Shortly after load in a did some tech action on Torry's drums. It was nice to work on some drums again. It had been since September. (Damn I need to get back in that game.)

Before the show I had the pleasure of going out to Mess With Texas in Waterloo park. Headlining the "Punk" stage... NOFX. Was so great. They played all of Punk in Drublic!!! Truly one of their best albums. Franki was jumping up and down like he was seeing them for the first time. We, Acid Girls and IHC staffers, all felt like we were still in High School. Shit was bonkers. It was funtastic.

Later that night I worked with Chopper some more with The Donnas. They played a killer set. Actually they played the best set I have seen them play in the last decade. It was killer. The mix of their more Rawk songs and older songs was great. I am glad to see them really running that stage now. That is what happens when you have been playing together for 14+ years. It was a lot of fun to see the girls again. And after load out I got to watch X.

Thank you Austin for redeeming yourself that night. I really do hate SXSW. It is such a cluster fuck. People like to blame disorganization on the festival like there is nothing they can do about it. But there is something.... WORK! Stop looking for the highest profits by having the lowest expenses. SPEND THAT MONEY! Hire competent people. Plan it better. Thats my rant on SXSW. And believe me, it is not unique to me. There is a problem in the SXSW organization, and plenty of people see it. Austin is a great city to play. Just not for SXSW.

On to the next. I left Austin at 4 am Sunday to hit the airport. My destination, New Orleans. A beautiful city still realing from a hurricane and a disfunctional government agencey. I met up with The Cribsthere. Burton at the helm again. I knew it would be a good tour with him as the TM. He really knows how to run things and give you enough rope. It is up to you to hang yourself or not.

The Cribs hail from Wakefield England. The boys are all brothers and their Backliner and FOH are mates. So, I was a def outsider coming in. But they accepted me with a quickness.

On to a bullet point version of the tour: (I got tired of creating links. maybe I will update these later.)

Sunday, March 16- Get in the van. Drive from NOLA to Athens, GA. Nothing going on here.

Monday, March 17- ST. Patty's Day. Saw girls in not much, Stripper shoes and Veggies covering their parts, with signs about Vegan Awarness. They were cute. Some prude told them they should be ashamed of themselves. WTF Dude!

Tuesday, March 18 - Drop dudes off at 5 am at the ATL Airport. Drive to Richmond for the night, by myself. Em Kay kept me company with phone calls. Stayed with some cool friends of Emily (Planes Mistaken For Stars' TM). Thanx Richmond for the game of Ultimate Frisbee.

Wednesday, March 19 - DC, Black Cat. Good time as usual. The boys covered the first verse of one of my favorite Huggy Bear songs, Concrete Life. Love that song!

Thursday, March 20 - Music Hall of Williamsburg, NYC. Formally known as North 6. Got to hang out with A Wild aka Cult of A:1 aka Angela. That was nice.

Friday, March 21 - Paradise Rock Club, Boston. Hung out with Mother Fucking Don Lee, one of the best techs in the biz.

Saturday, March 22 - North Star Bar, Philly. Got to see my favorite Mother/Daughter team. Mar Mar Superstar and Stella. I gave Stella my MIA horn and some fake mustaches. Mar Mar was not stoked. I laughed. Rob Bomb came out for a drink or two as well. He had another engagement to go to, so he missed an awesome show.

Sunday, March 23 - Grog Shop, Cleveland. HOLY SHIT I LOVE CLEVELAND! I hadn't been there in years. Running the bar was one of the old school tenders from the Euclid Tavern days. I asked them to dig up Dead Low Tide's beer bong. It was gross. I decided not to use it. But we did drink til about 430 am. Thank you Cleveland for all your years of service. I promise I will not stay away for 5+ years before I visit again.

Monday, March 24 - Travel day to Chicago. Don't remember much.

Tuesday, March 25 - Back at the Double door. I love this place. It has treated many bands well. This night was no exception.

Wednesday, March 26 - Varsity Theatre, Minneapolis. No D4, No Replacements, Hardly any People. Great looking venue. Good pizza across the street.

Thursday, March 27 - Travel day to Denver. Drove it straight. Got in to town in time for last call. Rock and Roll Ramada, got us in the bag to get in the sack for some sleep.

Friday, March 28 - Squid was the only Denver buddy to make it out to the show. I did get to go see Anika, hadn't seen her in a couple of years. She is running a great new bar with really good looking Burlesque Dancers. Brought the tour by after the Show. We def got the hook up on the drinks. Thank you Anika.

Saturday, March 29 and Sunday, March 30 - Lets drive to Seattle. Lets miss the turn-off and add 40 miles (my oops). Lets get into Seattle in time for a nap and a BBQ at Gabe's. and after that, time to see X again. This time at the Showbox. That makes one more significant day I made it through. A little less pain, thank you very much. For those that know, you know what I mean.

Monday, March 31 - Chop Suey. Shitty Sound, shitty merch sales. Fun friends. XO Seattle. X. O.

Tuesday, April 1 - Day off in Portland. Means one thing. Hello UNION JACKS, Hello NEW TATTOO. Burton covered me on that Tattoo...He rules!

Wednesday, April 2 - Doug Fir in PDX. Great Crowd, Great Show, Great times. oh and I totally got the stank eye from this girl. LIke I was even checking her out. I was wondering why she kept looking under Ship Shape's chair. But she thought I was being creepy or something. What eves.

Thursday, April 3 - SF, Pop Scene. Good Merch, stupid venue. Had dinner with Burton and my friend Maria. Had some Irish Pub food, it was good.

Friday, April 4 - El Rey in LA. Fantastic. Great show. Sold most of the remaining merch. That was nice. Was able to pack the left overs into one box.

Felt good to be home... It feels good to call Echo Park home. Things are looking up every day. Lets go bike riding.

Unicorns and Lepers,
Dylan Roadie

Now for pics:

Totally Michael. Totally Rad.

Franki Chan and Travis Hayden.

Boys Noize, killing it. Mixhell, watching the mayhem.

In the van again. (l to r) Empty seat, Gaz, Ship Shape the Backliner, Ross, and Parker the FOH MOFO. Rye and Burton missing from photo.

Stella blowing her horn.

Ryan George, another great tech I have worked with.

Ship Shape and Me. Grog Shop.

Rye and Me. Grog Shop.

The amazing looking Varsity in Minneapolis.

Squid. Denver.

My new tattoo. Got it in PDX, on my day off.

End of tour photo. Ra Ra Riot, The Cribs and Crew and on the far right Kates (management).

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Yea Yeah...

surprise surprise, it has been a long time since I posted. I swear, now that I am back in LA, I will post. I have to go through all my photos and post them up. It will happen soon. Until then enjoy this pic of my eyes and the amazing fun time of MATT&KIM!!!!!!!!!! Who by the way, KILLED IT at the BLOWOUT in Austin.