Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sticky Finger.

Today, I suggest you put on the record "Sticky Fingers", by the Rolling Stones.

I have been traveling a bit this month. I got a new place too! I am living with my friend Erik Bailey from Bullet Train To Vegas. Bullet Train will be playing their last shows next month. Tamsin is here too. She is Erik's friend. Now she is mine also.

Right after I moved my stuff in, I left for Vegas. I was there for Project. A place where Fashion Designers and Stores meet. I met some really great people.

After a week in Vegas, a monster drive to Seattle. I did the drive in 17 hours and 55 minutes. It was a killer drive. Then I got divorced...finally. It didn't hit me too hard. But after an 60 hours in Seattle and a 18 hour drive back to my new home...I fucking collapsed. I don't think I have ever felt so crazy, stupid, tired, sad and happy. I cried a bunch and went to bed at 530 am. When I woke up, things were looking good. One chapter closed in my life. Time to get to work on the next one.

This week has been pretty crazy, as well. We at IHEARTCOMIX are preparing for some big events at SXSW. Should be really awesome! Also, I got a call at like 9 am after i got back from Seattle. The man on the other end, Jacko, his question....Do I want to be in a music video? Fuck Yeah I Do! I will give you an update when the shoot is over.

Well that is about it for now.

Here are some pics of the last month or so.

My Dad at Mi Lupita...such good food!

Mi Lupita

We love this place.

This guy (Ian) knows his way around the kitchen. This was at Zane and Lexi's house for the super bowl.

He made this spread.

Mixhell loves Roadie To Go.

Har Mar Superstar, digs Roadie To Go, too.

The Magnet Showroom at Project was bumping. il Punali made a great first impression.

This is what $11.50 looks like at a trade show.

This is what a BLT look like, half eaten, in vegas. It came with 15, FIFTEEN!!!! Slices of Bacon!!!...WTF!

Karina (in the pink) knows how to throw a Divorce Party. Jessicka just sat back while Karina and I fought...

Coming up. The Art On my Wall. The first set is called "Maniacs of Mosh". My friend TJ of Actual Pain, drew them up with paint pens or something, on masonite, mounted on wood frames. If this is incorrect, TJ should correct me.

This one was the first real art I ever bought. Nate Manny did this piece of DEVO art.

A Hoova original.

This is my Grandpa Jerry. He rode this Harley with my Abuelita on the back of it. They rode from Brooklyn to LA. What an awesome family I have!

Monday, February 11, 2008


This post started out to be a list of the cool and interesting things I have done in LA so far. Then it took a turn to another topic. That is the great thing about blogs. Its not an article, its just a journal that you feel comfortable sharing with friends, family and strangers. I titled this blog after a song by Jim Ward. If you go to his myspace page and play the song while you read it, I think you will enjoy the blog. (Side note: All my blog titles of the last few months are song titles. Google them and listen. You might discover something new.)

On the 25th of January, Erik Bailey (Bullet Train To Vegas) and I, went to see Jim Ward at the Paul Gleason Theater. We caught the end of the first set and then went for drinks with Jim and Kristine (his way cool better half). It was good to see them and visit. Last I saw them was in Austin for the MCD shows during Fun Fun Fun Fest. We went to one of my favorite watering holes, Tiny’s KO. It is a great bar with good food and velvet paintings of Naked Ladies, circa 1970s. I really dig their jukebox. It just doesn’t fail to have great music.

After a few drinks we returned to the theater to see Jim’s second set. He had two friends with him and they played a fine mix of Country/Folk/ “Singer/Songwriter” styles. Which is to say the songs had a lot of the rhythms of country on acoustic guitars, some slide guitar and lots of heartfelt lyrics. Jim's voice sounded great.

Sadly in that same week a wonderful member of our extended Family of friends passed on. Kathy Troup. Kathy was the wife of Julio Troup, one of the funniest older persons I have ever met. They are part of my Abuelita’s generation and friends. They always took care of me, when I showed up at their door during tours through LA. Every body had glowing things to say about Kathy. At the funeral there were a lot of people. And in the words of my Grandpa Jerry’s dad when they had to bury Grandpa Jerry’s mom, “Looks like a good turn out.” Kathy left behind an amazing family.

It was sad to be at the funeral not because of the death of Kathy, but because it was more a reminder that my Abuelita’s generation is going. They are some of the most inspiring people I have ever met. And it will be sad to see them go over the years. My Abuelita and my Grandpa Jerry moved to LA from Brooklyn. On a Harley, I might add. (how bitch’n’ is that?) Many of their friends were there already or soon followed. Most of them were/are very politically active and have done many awesome/radical (not in a surfer sense but more in an actual active way) things in their lives.

I never got to meet my Grandpa Jerry, but from what all his friends tell me, I look just like him. Well, him and my dad. When ever my dad talks about him I miss the man I never met. To my dad he was the coolest. I wish I could have met him but sadly he was one of the first to go of the Brooklynite transplants. To you, Kathy and to all my Abuelita’s friends, to all my friends, and to all that inspire, I raise my glass to you. May you live long enough to see the outcomes of your positive work and struggle.

My parents flew in on the first of February for the funeral. It is always a trip down memory lane (aided mostly by the many great food spots of LA) when my parents come to LA. I think it is still home to them as much as Bainbridge is. My mom spent her first 31 years in LA. I guess it is fitting that I moved here at 31. First thing my dad did, at 11:30 pm, when he arrived was to take me and my mom to Burrito King in Echo Park. He just won’t shut up about the place. It is good.

After the Funeral we went to the Troup’s for food and story telling with all the families and friends of Kathy. After a while I rolled to Zane and Lexi’s for some escapism. It was Super Bowl Sunday. And Kathy was never one to deny a child pleasure, so I hope she wasn’t offended by me leaving her funeral reception early.

After Sunday, it was time for another trip down memory lane. or maybe it was on Saturday. I can’t remember. Anyways, we went to the “old” neighborhood, Atwater. The house in Atwater Village, is the only house I remember from my childhood before we moved to Bainbridge Island when I was almost 5, in 1981. Down the street from our house in Atwater is a wonderful Mexican restaurant named Mi Lupita’s. What was so great and memorable with Mi Lupita's was that you could go pick your soda and pop the top yourself. when you are little kid...That IS SO AWESOME! It holds a special place in my heart. They let us do it on this last visit too. Even my dad was excited to go get his own beer. It give it a real, "Mi casa, su casa" feel. On the wall was a mural by my “cousin”, Little Rudy (not by blood but by cousin’s cousin). Another note Little Rudy aka Rudy Cruz , is like 6 foot 5, this man is a big dude. The little comes from him being a Junior, not irony.

That was quite the beginning for the second month of the year. Last week I got to load out the Backstreet Boys from their rehearsal space. It kicked my ass. The load out started at 10 pm and didn’t end till 4:30 am. Boy was I tired.

That is about all the news that is fit for this blog. I am taking off February 12th for Vegas. I am going to assist a friend at Project and hopefully network with some people. I am really going to try and get Roadie To Go Apparel off the ground for the fall season. I am excited about it very much.

As usual, there are pictures to see. I will load them up later. I forgot my camera in my car.

I forgot to tell everyone that I did a photo shoot for a new clothing line. it is called iL Punali. I have put some pictures up on myspace for all to see. Model Pics here.

As usual, you can see more over at my online photo album.