Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pints of Guiness Make You Strong... (a roadie has left us)

Being on the road for years takes a special person. Being somebody that touches smelly road people at a venue is even more special. This person did both. I am not sure if I ever met this person. But still I am saddened by the loss of her life.

This is a repost from a email group that us roadies belong to:

For anyone who wasn't already aware, one of our own has oil-spotted us all on her way to heaven.

Evie Carrano, from Chicago, succumbed to leukemia Tuesday night, surrounded by her loving family.

Evie was a Local Masseuse, a Tour Masseuse, a Cotton Tech (merch person), a Band Assistant, and much, much more. She had just recently finished her first gig as a Tour Manager. Feedback I have gotten from her crew was that she was "awesome" as a TM. And I'm sure she was.

If you've passed through Chicago or Milwaukee during the last 7-8 years, chances are you might have met her. The sight of Evie's smiling face walking through the venue's back door lugging that big ol' massage table of hers brought joy (and relief) to many a bandmember and crew person. I wish I had a photo of her right now, so I could post it for you. You know her.

To quote her friend Abby Franklin, "She was always a bright spot in our visits to Chicago. She was always smiling and laughing and making us feel better in general. A few of us were lucky enough to be her friend. I haven't made many close ones on the road, she was the best. Please say a prayer, send good energy, talk to your guardian angels for her. She was a good sweet person..."

She will be missed by many.

We love you, Evie. Rest in peace.


I'm currently in Australia, so details are a bit hard for me to come by, but it's my understanding that the visitation is Friday and the funeral is Saturday, both in Chicago. If you need more information, email me back and I will provide you with as many of the details as I can get.

Everyone, please remember to always tell those people close to you how much you love them and how much they mean to you. Do it today, and do it again tomorrow. You may never get the chance to see them again and it's important to let them know how you feel about them.

Bob Davis, Tour Accountant

Update from my comments section...
a fire between us said...
Evette 'Evie' Carrano

Friday 3PM TO 9PM
Salerno's Funeral Home
450 West Lake Street
Roselle, IL 60172

Rosedale Chapels

Saturday Morning 10:30AM
at Salerno's Funeral home, with procession to the chapel to follow.

See comments for more information about Evette Marie Carrano. Thanx to those suppling me with more information on this lady that touched a lot of people I know. If anyone has a picture I would like a copy to post to the blog.


update. A picture and more kind words can be found here.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Babylon, CA

Last night, Zane and I went to see Trash Talk. The band was fucking brutal. It was like 1996. They reminded me of Death Wish Kids, The Unabombers and RAMBO. They are what is good with Hard Core. Short Fast and Loud. The band before them made me want to shoot myself...

Before went to the show at the Knitting Factory, we went to the Roosevelt for dinner. Well dinner for Zane, dessert for me. I had a piece of Giant Chocolate Cake. Man they were not kidding the thing was fucking huge. It was very tasty.

Last week I went to UCLA with the IHEARTSCOMIX crew. Franki was djing and Hearts Revolution were playing. It was some sort of art show. Hearts were really good. I snaped a few pics.

now on to the pictures. I got pics of,Hearts Revolution, Book of Black Earth, Trash Talk, and food.

Franki dropping science.

Hearts Revolution rocking UCLA.

TJ hanging by the new Book of Black Earth mobile.

Hank and TJ playin...

Joe's blood. that came from his ass cheek.

We waited in the ER waiting room til 4 am(ish). Money train was on.

A big piece of cake. so good.

Trash Talk. Question: Why do HC kids only dance to hurt. and why do they only dance for parts of songs. If you ask me that is kind of wimpy. I like it up in the NW when everybody dances. This is like a weird version of the Soul Train dance line, meets a work out tape, meets lets hurt ourselves. I love HC! It is the most funny of all punk music.

This is the center of the 7" i bought. it is 9min long and one sided. Brutal.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hey Joe... (an update on Joe's ass)

Joe's ass cheek was sewn back together. I took him and tony to LAX yesterday and they flew home. Go wish Joe well. You can send him a message through the bands myspace page. Book of Black Earth

Monday, January 21, 2008

Boys are back in town...

Book of Black Earth came to town last night. They rocked Los Angeles hard. It was fun. It was actually the most time I have spent with Hank, Dav and Tj, in years. Go figure. I move to LA and finally get time to talk to my Settle Friends. Joe had a good time too...Til he sat on a wine glass and had to be driven to the hospital. Please put some good thoughts in your heart. He might have punctured his bladder. shit is fucked up. Well we are off to check on him. I am sure BoBE will post an update later.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lost in the Super Market...

This is my buddy Erik. He inspired the title for this blog. Went to the Vons in Echo Park. He wanted to make vegan cookies. They were tasty.

So, My first week has been hectic. I have gotten sick and I have worked some shows. On Friday I am doing some modeling for Alternative Apparel. I love their shirts. They are super comfy. Tomorrow aka Thursday, Franki is DJing at UCLA. So I am going to go out there and set up a merch booth for IHEARTCOMIX.

Also, I have been working on my clothing line and a top secret project. When things come together more on those things, I'll say something.

You can see me on some pic sites too. Last Nights Part and FUCKING AWESOME!! and Check Yo Ponytail...

Here are some pictures of LA...

Erik is mixing it up.
IHEARTCOMIX office and home for some.
Had some fish tacos here. They were good.
Men at Check Yo Ponytail. It was a good fucking time.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Reggae hit L.A...

Last night Savannah (my cousin), made some bomb tacos. I love how those Castros make tacos. She also made some good hot salsa. Damn, I like living on her couch.

On an unrelated note, but just as important, I have a friend in commercial production. Her company is helping to produce a new project that is very important. If you are one of those people that enjoys being hydrated with water, please check this out...The Tap Water Project.

LA is treating me fine. I am busting my ass every day. Damn i feel tired. I stepped in at IHEARTCOMIX on monday. We have a big show Saturday. That is not much time to get all the pre-show production done. Most of is done and I will enjoy the show on Saturday.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


December came to a smashing close. The Hoovers and I went out for NYE. We had a blast. Ate some good Thai food, then met up with Ron and Quinn at the Cha Cha. We found a booth early in the evening and hunkered down and wouldn't give it up. Drinks were had, dancing commenced and good times were all around. After shit got wack we left for Moe Bar's last call. I got a few shots off of the staff cuz they worked so fucking hard.

I have worked a few NYE's in the blows! When I worked at The Breakroom in 1998, for NYE, I busted my ass and made less money then I would on a regular show night. Plus I had to tell Dann to get his drink off the pool table every 15 min.

In the morning after NYE, I called up Jaimi and Leah…it was time for Pajama Jammy Jam 2008! Hoova and I went to QFC and picked up some supplies, before J&L picked us up. We promptly headed to Gabe’s for PJJ08. We arrived by 1040ish. I introduced the art of sabering to the ladies. Lots of people learned the art this year. A lot of bottles were busted this year, too. Cody played a show the night before in San Francisco and flew up in the morning. I watched Cody miss a bunch on his first bottle. Got video to prove it. It was funny, never seen him miss before. Guess I shouldn't have laughed though, i ended up not doing so well shortly after words.

And in other news, I have relocated to LA. I work at IHEARTCOMIX now. I am the new Production Manager, Merch Director, and Security/Driver. It's a lot to do, but it should be fun.

Now, some pictures of 2 of the best days, of the past 2 weeks.
For more pics click on one of the following links, NYE and PJJ08.

Ron and Quinn.

Dancing it up with Sister.

Hoova and Ron, laughing at us dancing.

Sister, Hoova, Me, Ron, and Quinn.

The Cha Cha, gettin' jiggy wit it.

Jon from Akimbo shoutin'."LAST CALL!!!" @ Moe Bar.

New Years Pink Elephant.

The PJJ08 Family.

Jaimi, Leah and Quinn, in the Trapped in the Closet Annex.

Cody missing.

Don't stare into the light! (the viewing window from the Road House. Here you can safely watch the sabering.)

Me and Jaimi...looking goofy.

When you get bored watching movies, there is always the hot tub.

Sofia busting a bottle of the good stuff.

The Kerbrat Brothers aka The Roadie Bros.

It ain't a party with out a few more goofy faces.

Thanx Pajama Jammy Jam. See you next year.