Monday, December 29, 2008

Stumble in

Sleepercar (Jim Ward of Sparta/ATDI), "Stumble in" off of the album West Texas.

Coming to a close on 2008. A hard year, filled with fun and disapointment. I have traveled a lot emotionally and physically. I started off the year with a move to LA, a new job at IHEARTCOMIX and my divorce becoming final. With all the ups and downs, no more than any other person, I have learned much about myself and a few facts about my life.

1) If they are not my friends, fuck what they say about me.

2) If they are my friends, why the fuck did they say that about me?
Sub point a) maybe I did screw up. So, I have to work it out.
Sub point b) friends aren't worth losing over little shit, I will work it out.

3) LA is not such a bad place.

4) I love Echo Park.

5) There is nothing wrong with me, that can't be fixed with time, patience and some good music.

6) I can paint, sort of.

7) The friends I do have... Are true.

8) My parents and family, will always be cool when I have a melt down for a year.

9) I don't hate my ex-wife anymore and need to drop all the hate I might hold for others. Shit is so 10th grade.

10) This is how I roll. I am kind of a Big Deal. And I would rather, GO BIG, than Home!

With that said. I guess i will post some pics from 2008.


MEN @ Check Yo Ponytail. (January 2008)

The Roomapes of Laveta Terrace. (February 2008)

Cribs and Crew. (March 2008)

Har Mar Superstar and Ry, artist area, Coachella. (April 2008)

K Pants, shortly after learning to Saber with The Gladiator. (May 2008)

The Fashion's first taste of sliders. (June 2008)

A bear at South of the Border, North Carolina. (July 2008)

Driving Rosie the Sprinter back to Los Angeles. (August 2008)

Farra and the Girls, @ M. Vlasic's Wedding. (Sept 2008)

Lil' Rudy Cruz, Myself, Ma and Pa Kerbrat, outside Mi Lupita. (Oct 2008) (photo credit H. Green)

The Trouble twins and Trouble Jr. at his going away party. (Nov 2008)

Emily from Planes Mistaken For Stars and I had what looks like a shitty hospitality rider for Thanxgiving dinner. (Nov 2008)

Us tall folks have to stick together. (Dec 2008)

Fall Behind Me

The Donnas, "Fall Behind Me" from Gold Medal

Brazil was an interesting trip to take with The Donnas. The crew on the trip was Jim Young @ FOH, Joey The Fun on TM duties and I handled the backline action. We flew into Soa Paulo, Brazil on the 30th of October. The drive from the Airport to the hotel was kind of intense. I am not sure that the drivers there realize that those lines painted on the road are there to help keep us safe. Every once in a while we would pass the kind of poverty only seen in those christian foundation comericals. it was sad and weird. Especially when juxtoposed with the condos and fancy housing occupying the same blocks as these shanty towns.

The following day, Renado (promoter for S. America) and Pompao aka R2 (Monitors) met us at the hotel and we headed back to the Airport to fly to Natal, Brazil, for the first show of this tour. It was Halloween and Maya was so ready to get dressed up for it. The beach was within walking distance from our hotel and it looked great. So we all took off for the beach shortly after arriving in Natal. Waves were crashing big and the water was warm. Some of us played in the water and I watched the Surfers just 100 yards off shore. The waves were so strong, I don't think you would even half to paddle to catch them. Pompao told us that when the ocean was flat the surfers went down the beach to this mountain of sand and surf down it into the water.

For Halloween we went out to dinner at Camrones. Food was good and we ordered a lot. I had the best Oysters ever. They were so clean. The girls ordered a soup served in a pumpkin. That was fun.

The next day was show day and I knew going into it that a festival held in warehouses would be a challenge. Despite the well worn decade plus old drum heads and the questionable amps, the show went off. I mean kids were going ape shit and it was only the first day of tour.

The next day it was back to Sao Paulo for a two night run at Club Inferno. When the girls hit the stage, the flash bulbs went OFF! I was blinded for more then half the set. It was great and the same thing happened the next night. Brazil loves the Donnas. After the second show The Fun, J.Young and I went night clubing.

The club was open all night and I didn't get home til about 6 am. Which was great because we had to do an MTV show the next day. Before I left the club I managed to Mosh/HC Dance into the dj booth... That was funny.

The next few days were kind of blur. I got a tattoo that started to ooze and get infected. We stayed at an airport for about 9 hours. Got to the show so hella late. But everyone stayed. The set time was supposed to be midnight, but we didn't even reach the venue til after 2 am. Which was great! (JK)

Our last days in Argentina were fun. And we played a club called Super Rock. Which was like a rock club/disco. so there were lots of levels and tons of natural 'verb to create fun for J.Young to do FOH.

All in all, S. America rules. I hope to go back.

Here are a selection of photos. You can see more at Roadietogo dot Myphotoalbum dot com

This was the view from my hotel room in Natal, Brazil

The kids in Sao Paulo, love Holloween.

Joey uses one of the oldest Blackberrys, ever! he is so early 2000.

This hotel.... yeesh! (Santos, Brazil)

This is a little after 4am... I don't know how we made it through this show... but we did. The Ladies nailed it! (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

This is what I look like after a long long long ass day. (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

Joey and Brett, at Bizzaro Mundo. A little bit of Los Angeles, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I tried this burger out. It had the farm on it. Eggs, Bacon, Beef, Tom, Lettuce... and it was tasty! (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

After a long and hot day, I often like to just let my tattoos pus over and melt off my leg.

Everybody (But me) outside an ice cream shop on the last day.

Quilmes, it is a tasty beer. Maya and I took to calling it Kill Me Beer.

Saw this in a store window on the last day.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shake your booty or DIE!!!

I was killing time at IHC before a meeting. Found this video.
Have a great day everyone!

Monday, December 01, 2008

100 Days, 100 Nights

Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings, "100 Days, 100 Nights"

I have been listening to this song/CD a lot. I really dig how this band and singer lay it down.

October, was busy busy. I started working for The Donnas and the shows were all in the first week at Hard Rock Cafes. It was good to be with the girls again. I had toured with them back in 2001. We are all much older/wiser people, more comfortable with who we are. At least I hope I am. Cuz, there is more then one night on that tour that was cringe worthy, when I think of the way I acted. Maybe, I will post some pics from that tour. It was my first Bus tour, and that is alway memorable.

As we were touring around SoCal and parts of Az, my parents came to town. I purchased them tickets on my fav airline, Virgin America, so they could visit LA for a couple of weeks. My mom had her high school reunion and my dad came afterwards and missed all the festivities. I took a brief trip to Nashville, where I went on a date to see the fab band, Old Crow Medicine Show. When I got back, it was time for surfing with my dad. Something that was promised to my all my life. Finally, at nearly 32, I got to surf with my dad. It was fun and made me feel like a stupid kid. Sometimes I still just want to impress my parents and no matter how many times I failed to get up, they had my back. To top it off I got to have a beer with my parents at Hinano Cafe, a real old man bar in Venice. My dad was a regular there in the 60s/70s and his father did the all the wood work. (I know... I am like a stupid kid... so sue me!)

We eventually made it to our favorite family hang of way back when, Mi Lupita. It is out in Atwater Village. So much of our memories are based on food. For my parents and family that means, Burrito King, Tommy's Burger, and Mi Lupita. There are others but those are the ones that we never miss a visit at when we are in town... Now that I live here, my body begs me not to make to big of a habit of it. cuz damn some of that stuff is just not that healthy.

My parents left on a high note. We had the old family throw down at my house. Miss S. Castro (my cousin and room mate), made some killer tacos for my Dad's birthday. Family friends new and old came to the dinner and it was GOOD! Serious, Savannah makes the best damn tacos. Its a gift she got from her mom, my aunt, my mom's sister. Thanx Aunt Beth.

I ended October with a Against Me! show the night before I left for a S. American tour with the Donnas.

Per usual, here are some pics of what happened in October. You can go to, to see more pics.

Donnas rocking out at the Hard Rock Cafe, San Diego.

Surf was kicking my ass... But my dad's wet suit from 1975 was fitting me just fine.

How small is my dad?

Tamales for breakfast.

Look who we found on the corner, Lil' Rudy... He really isn't lil' though... huh. He is a cousin of my cousins in the castro clan... which makes him my cousin, too. Just CUZ.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

No title is great enough...

I was planning on posting something grand this weekend about my latest tour... Instead, the words that are hardest expressed are best left to the pros. Please click on the link to General Bonkers. A great person of importantance to me and many others is passing away in seattle... And I just don't know what to say about it. But you should Know a bit about him... His bands were many and his talent was inspireing... as well as his smile.

thanx john.

John Spalding

Seattle Weekly Article

90lb Wuss (More then just a christian band... they were a fucking HARDCORE BAND... they had brains. they questioned everything and were a great site to see.)

Raft of Dead Monkeys

General Bonkers...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Shanty Town

No time to post much... i procrastinated. Now I am in Brazil with the Donnas. I will have to make an extra special series of posts for what will be a interesting time....

thanx for checking in on me.

go to the The Donnas myspace page to see where I am at.


Saturday, September 06, 2008

Shooting Stars...

Ok, so I was supposed to post about last tour... FUCK IT. In short, I had a blast with the band. Their US manager, bailed right before tour. The Danish manager... Whatever. My mom could manage a band better. The band, great guys. They had fun at the beaches I took them to and I had fun showing them parts of America most Europeans (and Americans) don't see (like "The Thing" in the desert)... If you go to my photo album you can see pics.

Here I am on my next tour. Sleepercar.

Today we are in Vancouver. Things are going well and I am having fun. I am doing this tour for no money. Just to do it. Just to hang out with my friend Jim and his boys. Dudes, who before this week, I didn't know very well. But we have had fun. Like most "punk" or "underground" tours, the attendance has been low. But we have kept spirits up by flying hellacopters, Whiskey, and friends. I am just glad to be out for 12 days and to have passed the border with little incident.

Hanging out, drinking Whiskey at the Promoter's in Vancouver, BC. (Grandpa, Grumpy, Stachey)

Grandpa! Watch your head when coming off stage.

Ex Backstreet, helping Jim fly his Hellacopter.

Jim getting ready to fly hellacopter.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Old Croy Road...

June-July found me on tour with The Fashion. This tour encompassed everything I love and Hate about tour. So, before I go into it, and there is a lot to get into, I have decided to play a song that came back over and over on tour. The name of the song is "Old Croy Road" it is by American Steel, and could easily be one of the best songs about music/life. You can find it on their album, "Destroy Their Future". Here it is live.

More post to come.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spritz!! Spritz!!

This is what tour looks like sometimes...

Had a doozy of a night last night. Hit Niagra, a bar across the street from Manatoba's and Kicked a rude taxi. The driver threw a ice cream at me. hit me in the temple. I threw it back. She said "I am going to kick your ass"... Alas my ass never got kicked.

That kids is what we call turning a good time into a bad time. Turning sad feelings into bullshit.

So that is about as exciting as it gets.

In other news I heard from K Pants. Apparently, despite all the BS that went behind the scenes, The Reapers birthday party in Europe was a grand one. Complete with Fireworks and beautiful sunny times.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Run's House...


In the hotel, day off, NYC!!!

Staying in Long Island City. Got some work done. Had some Sushi. Today is looking good. The dudes found the Library down near Houston and are watching Football (Soccer). They are drunk, I probably won't see them tonight.

Now I am getting ready for some dinner with my Cousin David. After... You can find me at the Motor City Bar.

Have a good day y'all.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

20 June 2008

Long days. Lost some money. Lost a debit card. Tonight I catch up on sleep. Tomorrow, great food at Harrison Street Cafe in Richmond, VA.
(So tired, I can't even be bothered to come up with a song title for my blog or a song to down load. When I wake up one day, I will update something worth reading. Good night.)

New t-shirt design by Ms Nikki Forte. It should be out soon.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

East Bound and Down...

If only it was as simple as just point A to B. But instead I have to do a ton of prep. So sit back and watch this clip and enjoy the glory of romantic 70s truckin.

I am so fucking tired lately. been waking up at 7 am. going for a two hour walk. Then doing about 6-8 hours of staring at my computer, doing data entry and other tour prep things. So here I go again. At least my tour isn't as crazy as my brother's. Now I remember why I like being a Drum Tech better... Not as much prep.

Here are the tour dates... and a video clip to play you out.

I will be Tour Managing The Fashion. They will be opening for The Alkaline Trio, except for where noted by *.
6/10-6/12 LA to Tulsa, OK
6/13 Fri Tulsa, OK The Otherside
6/14 Sat Little Rock, AR The Village
6/15 Sun Birmingham, AL Matthew’s Bar&Grill
6/16 Mon Atlanta, GA Day Off
6/17 Tue Jacksonville, FL Freebird Live
6/18 Wed Columbia, SC Headliners
6/19 Thu Richmond, VA The National
6/20 Fri Allentown, PA Crocodile Rock Café
6/21 Sat New Haven, CT Toad’s Place
6/22 Sun NYC, NY Day Off
6/23 Mon NYC, NY The Annex*
6/24 Tue Lancaster, PA Chameleon
6/25 Wed Pittsburgh, PA Day Off
6/26 Thu Pittsburgh, PA Club Zoo
6/27 Fri Grand Rapids, MI The Intersection
6/28 Sat Detroit, MI Start flyin HOME

7/7 Mon Detroit, MI Back to Detroit
7/8 Tue Pontiac, MI Clutch Cargo’s
7/9 Wed Chicago, IL HOB
7/10 Thu Cleveland, OH HOB
7/11 fri Baltimore, MD Rams Head Live
7/12 Sat NYC, NY Irving Plaza
7/13 Sun Providence, RI Lupo’s
7/14 Mon Asbury Park, NJ TBA*
7/15 Tue Philly, PA TLA
7/16 Wed Norfolk, VA Norva
7/17 Thu Charlotte, NC Day Off
7/18 Fri Atlanta, GA Center Stage
7/19 Sat Orlando, FL HOB
7/20 Sun Austin, TX Travel Day
7/21 Mon Austin, TX La Zona Rosa
7/22 Tue Dallas, TX HOB
7/23 Wed LA, CA Travel Day
7/24 Thur LA, CA Fuel TV*
7/25 Fri Las Vegas, NV HOB
7/26 Sat LA, CA HOB
7/27 Sun San Diego, CA SOMA
7/28 Mon SF, CA The Fillmore
7/29 Tue PDX, OR Roseland
7/30 Wed Seattle, WA El Corazon

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pictures of you...

This is a taste of April. Coachella was involved and so was a Bar B Q at Kpants' house. You can see Coachella pics here and other assorted April pics here.

11 am at the pool. So nice.

A Drummer and her Drum Tech, reunited.

Don't mess with Chopper's style.

I came home to my two room apes, dressed like this. Got the best room apes ever!

The Gladiator (the machete), helping me out with this marshmellow. Not sure what is happening over there to the side.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Going back to Cali

"Going back to Cali" by LL Cool Jay. This song is from an era of Hip Hop that was exciting and a time when LL still had something worth listening to. LL himself didn't think it would be a hit. It is a perfect song for today. I hung out at The Reaper's house. EmKay Pants called me to hang out, Catsuit was also there. I tried rounding up Franki and Travis, but they had shit to take care of. Franki is busting out a bunch of new art and Travis did enough damage to his liver last night. We chilled by the pool, had lunch and talked about things.

The Gladiator, was put to good use today. EmKay Pants used him to saber two bottles of bubbly.

The Gladiator's, handy work from the BBQ last Saturday.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bastards of Young...

Bastards of Young, a fantastic song by The Replacements. I heard it every night on tour. The Cribs did a fantastic cover. So press play and continue reading.

March was a busy month for me. I had to prep for Austin and tour with The Cribs.

SXSW Austin, is a crazy time. You might have read my twitter while I was down there. I updated it often. Especially when bands ruled or when stress levels hit a high. My brother Gabe and my good friend Heather came down to help me out. The first night was at The Beauty Bar. It was an IHEARTCOMIX AND AMONLY SHOWCASE. The show kicked some ass. Demonbabies' visuals were killer as well. The highlights of the night was watching the drunkin mess that was the SR keyboard player of Shout Out Out, The antics and crowd invasion by Totally Michael and the killer set of the night by BOYS NOIZE. That man can make the biggest folk anti electronic music purist into an electronic DJ music fan. Which is to say, he made a fan out of me.

My brother Gabe ran the indoor stage atThe Beauty Bar show. You can read about his thoughts on his blog.

The next day was crazy nuts at the IHEARTCOMIX vs Mad Decent Austin Blow Out. We had about 47 artists, 4 stages, two floors and not enough security. Power went out, things went on and off schedule, booze was had, heat was crazy and fun was fun. If you throw all the problems to the side, I would say it was amazing. It was hard work on my part and all the staff. Thanx Gabe and Heather for running those stages for me. And a big thank you to Amber T for doing the VIP.

The crowd went ape shit for most all the acts. And even though we had to shut the doors down at about 10pm. There was still a line around the block for most of the night. I say people trying to talk their way in as late as 130am. And good job to all you who just walked up the parking garage ramp.

The next day was a relaxing day...or so I thought. I had to return projectors Atomic Picnic. Who saved our asses by providing projectors last min. After that Heather and I went into town to see what was up. We went and caught the last bit of Chromeo at Stubbs and said hello to Zane.

Outside Stubbs was the HEARTSCHALLENGER Ice Cream Truck. They hooked us up with Ice Cream. So good. Chi kept real busy that day. Chopper showed up and we all went to the Cadillac grill for soem food and booze. I was planning on going back to the hotel for sleep. but fuck it. So we drank and talked. And then some how I ended up helping Chopper load in The Donnas. Here I go again. Shortly after load in a did some tech action on Torry's drums. It was nice to work on some drums again. It had been since September. (Damn I need to get back in that game.)

Before the show I had the pleasure of going out to Mess With Texas in Waterloo park. Headlining the "Punk" stage... NOFX. Was so great. They played all of Punk in Drublic!!! Truly one of their best albums. Franki was jumping up and down like he was seeing them for the first time. We, Acid Girls and IHC staffers, all felt like we were still in High School. Shit was bonkers. It was funtastic.

Later that night I worked with Chopper some more with The Donnas. They played a killer set. Actually they played the best set I have seen them play in the last decade. It was killer. The mix of their more Rawk songs and older songs was great. I am glad to see them really running that stage now. That is what happens when you have been playing together for 14+ years. It was a lot of fun to see the girls again. And after load out I got to watch X.

Thank you Austin for redeeming yourself that night. I really do hate SXSW. It is such a cluster fuck. People like to blame disorganization on the festival like there is nothing they can do about it. But there is something.... WORK! Stop looking for the highest profits by having the lowest expenses. SPEND THAT MONEY! Hire competent people. Plan it better. Thats my rant on SXSW. And believe me, it is not unique to me. There is a problem in the SXSW organization, and plenty of people see it. Austin is a great city to play. Just not for SXSW.

On to the next. I left Austin at 4 am Sunday to hit the airport. My destination, New Orleans. A beautiful city still realing from a hurricane and a disfunctional government agencey. I met up with The Cribsthere. Burton at the helm again. I knew it would be a good tour with him as the TM. He really knows how to run things and give you enough rope. It is up to you to hang yourself or not.

The Cribs hail from Wakefield England. The boys are all brothers and their Backliner and FOH are mates. So, I was a def outsider coming in. But they accepted me with a quickness.

On to a bullet point version of the tour: (I got tired of creating links. maybe I will update these later.)

Sunday, March 16- Get in the van. Drive from NOLA to Athens, GA. Nothing going on here.

Monday, March 17- ST. Patty's Day. Saw girls in not much, Stripper shoes and Veggies covering their parts, with signs about Vegan Awarness. They were cute. Some prude told them they should be ashamed of themselves. WTF Dude!

Tuesday, March 18 - Drop dudes off at 5 am at the ATL Airport. Drive to Richmond for the night, by myself. Em Kay kept me company with phone calls. Stayed with some cool friends of Emily (Planes Mistaken For Stars' TM). Thanx Richmond for the game of Ultimate Frisbee.

Wednesday, March 19 - DC, Black Cat. Good time as usual. The boys covered the first verse of one of my favorite Huggy Bear songs, Concrete Life. Love that song!

Thursday, March 20 - Music Hall of Williamsburg, NYC. Formally known as North 6. Got to hang out with A Wild aka Cult of A:1 aka Angela. That was nice.

Friday, March 21 - Paradise Rock Club, Boston. Hung out with Mother Fucking Don Lee, one of the best techs in the biz.

Saturday, March 22 - North Star Bar, Philly. Got to see my favorite Mother/Daughter team. Mar Mar Superstar and Stella. I gave Stella my MIA horn and some fake mustaches. Mar Mar was not stoked. I laughed. Rob Bomb came out for a drink or two as well. He had another engagement to go to, so he missed an awesome show.

Sunday, March 23 - Grog Shop, Cleveland. HOLY SHIT I LOVE CLEVELAND! I hadn't been there in years. Running the bar was one of the old school tenders from the Euclid Tavern days. I asked them to dig up Dead Low Tide's beer bong. It was gross. I decided not to use it. But we did drink til about 430 am. Thank you Cleveland for all your years of service. I promise I will not stay away for 5+ years before I visit again.

Monday, March 24 - Travel day to Chicago. Don't remember much.

Tuesday, March 25 - Back at the Double door. I love this place. It has treated many bands well. This night was no exception.

Wednesday, March 26 - Varsity Theatre, Minneapolis. No D4, No Replacements, Hardly any People. Great looking venue. Good pizza across the street.

Thursday, March 27 - Travel day to Denver. Drove it straight. Got in to town in time for last call. Rock and Roll Ramada, got us in the bag to get in the sack for some sleep.

Friday, March 28 - Squid was the only Denver buddy to make it out to the show. I did get to go see Anika, hadn't seen her in a couple of years. She is running a great new bar with really good looking Burlesque Dancers. Brought the tour by after the Show. We def got the hook up on the drinks. Thank you Anika.

Saturday, March 29 and Sunday, March 30 - Lets drive to Seattle. Lets miss the turn-off and add 40 miles (my oops). Lets get into Seattle in time for a nap and a BBQ at Gabe's. and after that, time to see X again. This time at the Showbox. That makes one more significant day I made it through. A little less pain, thank you very much. For those that know, you know what I mean.

Monday, March 31 - Chop Suey. Shitty Sound, shitty merch sales. Fun friends. XO Seattle. X. O.

Tuesday, April 1 - Day off in Portland. Means one thing. Hello UNION JACKS, Hello NEW TATTOO. Burton covered me on that Tattoo...He rules!

Wednesday, April 2 - Doug Fir in PDX. Great Crowd, Great Show, Great times. oh and I totally got the stank eye from this girl. LIke I was even checking her out. I was wondering why she kept looking under Ship Shape's chair. But she thought I was being creepy or something. What eves.

Thursday, April 3 - SF, Pop Scene. Good Merch, stupid venue. Had dinner with Burton and my friend Maria. Had some Irish Pub food, it was good.

Friday, April 4 - El Rey in LA. Fantastic. Great show. Sold most of the remaining merch. That was nice. Was able to pack the left overs into one box.

Felt good to be home... It feels good to call Echo Park home. Things are looking up every day. Lets go bike riding.

Unicorns and Lepers,
Dylan Roadie

Now for pics:

Totally Michael. Totally Rad.

Franki Chan and Travis Hayden.

Boys Noize, killing it. Mixhell, watching the mayhem.

In the van again. (l to r) Empty seat, Gaz, Ship Shape the Backliner, Ross, and Parker the FOH MOFO. Rye and Burton missing from photo.

Stella blowing her horn.

Ryan George, another great tech I have worked with.

Ship Shape and Me. Grog Shop.

Rye and Me. Grog Shop.

The amazing looking Varsity in Minneapolis.

Squid. Denver.

My new tattoo. Got it in PDX, on my day off.

End of tour photo. Ra Ra Riot, The Cribs and Crew and on the far right Kates (management).