Thursday, November 29, 2007

90 Days...

So my updates are late. A bunch of people have been bugging me. I know, I haven't posted my early stories like I said I would. oh well.

November started out pretty good. I saw Rocky Votolato at the Showbox on the 1st. Then flew out the next day to Austin for Fun Fun Fun Fest 2. It was a blast. Murder City Devils played two shows. One on Saturday the 3rd and at the festival on the 4th. I got to see all sorts of people I have not seen in forever.

The first show was insane. I had forgotten just how nuts a MCD show can be. It doesn't just sound like a riot looks, it looks like one, too. I ended up working as a security detail for the first show. I totally understand why the boys and girl do not want to do that shit every night for weeks on end.

The week after I got home, I filed for Divorce. Myself and some other recent Divorcees will be having a Divorce Reception at Havana in Seattle this December.

Last week a bunch of peeps and I went to the Muckleshoot Casino, I walked away 172 bucks up. Not bad at all.

now for some pics. (as always you can find more on my online photo album.)

Chopper and I the first night in Austin.

The calm before the storm.

This looks like a riot sounds.

Derek in his new band, The Cave Singers at 2pm the next day. Derek actually played four sets in 24hours. That man is a hard working S.O.B.

Me, Majbritt, Gabe and Merchbot 2000 at Fun3 Fest. Ten years later and she is still full of it...ENERGY!

This girl is doing math with a graphing calculator, at the fest!

The band in full swing.


Dead Flowers.

This is my October update. (yes I know it is almost december)

A outline of october:
* Birthdays!
*My 31st
*My Dad's 57th
*and five more all in the same week as mine!

*Second Sunday Dinner blog is born.

*some work, some shows.

*Erin and I decide the split will be final.

Now here is the pictures.

Patton Oswalt, letting a heckler have an ear full. (Showbox)

Working at my parents house

Then I went and worked at Gabe's house. Doesn't he look like one of the DRs from ET?

Went to Dr. V's birthday party as him.

Older Dr.V and "Younger" Dr.V.