Sunday, September 30, 2007

Done kissing the bottle...

I am learning to relax. I spend a lot of time thinking right now. I have been doing some painting. A little bit of talking with my friends all across the country.

I will be turning 31 fairly soon. I can't help but have a sort of midlife crisis/review of life thing, going on right now. I guess better now then later.

So, if you have not seen me in a while...I have not been around (for years). Well I am in Seattle now. Don't be afraid to call me up. Lets grab coffee. Hell just shoot me a text.

Thats about it. for now.


p.s. Here are some pics of me learning to relax.



Breakfast with friends. (Planes Mistaken For Stars)

Visiting my new cousin, Nolan Erik Castro.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On the road again

Well I really thought I could keep the blog up. But when you are hanging out on Venice beach everyday, trips to vegas, driving to philly, and driving back to don't find much time to write on line. As always you can find more pictures from my trip at Roadie To Go Photo Albums.

A list of things I got done on my trip:

*Wrote some more of my story/script.
*Swam in the Pacific.
*Saw way to many HUGE CROSSES!!! I mean these things were fucking huge. Hey America, I get it, your christian. Now shut up.
*Saw lots of friends.
*Went to Denver fest. Saw the bands Git Some and Kingdom of Magic, amazing.
*Ran over a skunk. Sorry. That sucked.

Bands that got me through the trip:

Lucero"Attic Tapes"

See Me River

Das Llamas "World War"

Rocky Votolato"The Brag and Cuss"

The Murder City Devils

The Aggrolites

Some pics from my trip:

My tent in my friends backyard. Venice, California.

Giggle Spice, Robin, Erik Bailey and Me. Cha Cha, LA, CA.

Giggle and Me on our way to win $1100 in Las Vegas, NV.

Win $1100...Spend the next day at the pool with a huge margarita with gummy worms!

Marty and I in the ALB.

Car show in NYC.

Boy that was a hard day at the car show.

Mar Mar Superstar's cat slept here all day.

Rob B, Molly, Stella, Mar Mar, and Me, on the stoop. Philly, PA.

I found the last 25 Cent pay phone!

oops! Guess not. Thanx Philly.

Git Sum! Denver Fest.

Bar B Q, Denver. "Last day of my trip"

Satisfaction (I can't get no) aka Why I am not with the Arcade Fire Tour

The incident:

July 6, 2007- the crew bus stopped in Birmingham, England. When I got back to the bus the Production Manager, Dermot Lynch, accused me of being late and endangering our load in time. He did this in a very offensive and abusive way. I told him to leave me alone. He kept berating me. I told him, "Leave me alone. " He hit me. HARD, in the face, with a open hand. I told him, "To never hit me again." He proceeded to threaten to hit me again.

Long story short, he was kept on, so I quit. I will not work in a hostile/threatening/violent work environment.

So be warned fellow Roadies. Dermot Lynch can be trouble. And Management does not always back those that take the high road.

July 12, 2007. Written as I leave the tour…

Sometimes I wonder if tour is wasted on those with no imagination. The spontaneity and excitement of Rock N Roll, that I experienced for the last 15 years, has been sucked dry by an industry that celebrates money and stupidity over integrity and enjoyment. (ok, so it already was. It just finally hit me in the face.)
I could focus on the negative of leaving the Arcade Fire tour, but that would do no good. I was filled with thoughts of revenge after Italy, but that would do no good. They would still be smug and think themselves great. In life hatred is wasted on the useless, spineless dregs of society.
With a little PMA and some songs I will find solace.

In the words of Bill and Ted, “Party on and be excellent to each other."

In the words of Fugazi, “We owe you nothing!”