Monday, August 20, 2007

Albuquerque to Philly

approx 2 hours in stops (fueling and such)
approx 6 hours of sleep (naps and such)
approx 30 hours of driving

a grand total of 38 hours. not bad.

When I get internet access with my own computer I promise to add details and pictures. Until then be entertained by this:

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Going down the only road I have ever known...(sans girl on the hood of my car)

Well after a trouble some month I have decided to take a trip. Its my first vacation by myself in, I think, 12 years. I have jumped ship from tour and stayed with friends for a few days but never just jumped in my car and taken off. For the next couple of weeks my posts will be about this trip.

2 August 2007
I had planned on leaving early in the afternoon. But my cat Avram was sick. Erin and I took him to the vet and they kept him. I waited around till 5pm to find out if he would be ok. He is. So I left. I filled up Joan Jetta with bio at Dr. Dan's and took off. I drove 255 miles, stopping in Monmouth, Oregon on 99W for the night. Went to a sports bar called Rookies and had a few beers to put me to bed ($2 bottled beer night).

Joan and I.

3 August 2007
I love vacations. I got up at 8am as usually, worked out, took a shower, and then watched Comedy Central. Just cuz I wake up on a tour schedule, doesn't mean I have to do jack. I left the hotel at 10:16 am (yes this is my idea of relaxing.) Made it to Acme Bar in Berkley, CA by 1:20am. I managed to stop often and see some cool things. ELK, Sea Lion Caves (didn't go down to them though, they wanted 9 bucks admission), Paul Bunyan, and small towns of Highway 101, were on my agenda. I filled up just outside Arcada, California, thats 637.4 miles from Dr. Dans Bio-Diesel in Ballard, Washington. I FUCKING LOVE BIO!!! The crazy part, I didn't even need to fill up. I still had like another 100 miles I could drive (my tank is 14 gallons).

Rocks. (Don't know those people.)

Oregon Coast and I.

NEXT STOP LOS ANGELES (Monday 6 August 2007).