Friday, July 13, 2007

Tour Break.

I have left the Arcade Fire tour. You can find me riding my bike around town and going to the beach. Keep your eyes peeled this fall for the official launch of Roadie To Go, Tour related Shirts and accessories. I will have a bunch of new t-shirt designs and other tour related items.

thanx to my Euro buddies for saying hello while I was on tour.

Dylan Roadie
aka Droadie
aka Thing 1

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Today is July 5th...damn time flys.

Things to know about this tour:
* It is nearly non-stop traveling
* I don't speak enough languages. Communication can be hard.
* I miss home, at least I have clean underwear.
* Arcade Fire are killing it. The crowds for the most part are going ape-shit.

I am up early today, like that is different then any other time. I can't seem to sleep past 7 or 8 am with out great effort. The bed was hella comfy last night. So, at least the sleep was restful. I had all these great comments to make in this blog but it has mostly left my mind. I will try and remember.

Lisboa, Portugal, was lovely. I took a walk for two hours and saw some really nice buildings. Saddest sight that I did not get a pic of, was these little street kids with tiny dogs and tiny accordians. I guess thats how they busk. I also felt the distinct pressence of pick pockets. So, I felt like an idiot for having all my pds in my pocket. I walked around with my hand in my back pocket most of the time I was in the touristy area.

The show was on July 3rd. You have not been blown away til you have heard 20,000 people singing and claping so loud you can hear them over Arcade Fire. Holy shit those people had some lungs on them. They cheered for every song (all Arcade Fire songs must be their favorites).

The flight to Lisboa was not to bad. The airport we flew out of was on the boarder of Switzerland and Germany (i think). Which I thought funny. There was a line painted on part of the floor, it was the boarder. We should try that on the Mexican boarder. Maybe it will take the stress out of it.

If you like to read this blog or not, but like to know about roadies and such, check out my brothers blog, The Best Chapters. (is this a run on sentence?)

Sorry I don't have any photos up but y'all gonna have to wait til I get back. I will post some phone photos, unless I buy a camera over here (doubt it).