Friday, June 29, 2007

some brief thoughts from switzerland

Well I didn't post much about the US tour after Chicago. It was hard and fast. Vancouver to George Washington to Portland to Los Angeles to Berkely California. It was a blast and went by quick. Playing Sasquatch in George, Washington was a blast cuz I saw lots of Seattle friends.

Now I am in Switzerland and its a month later. Just like everyone else, older then 20, time flys. Things have been muddy and I have not talked to Erin as much as I would have liked. In England I managed to not see any of my friends. Attempts were made...attempts failed. I did make some new aquaintances, Gabriella and her Assitant/TMA Rose and one half of the Might Booshto name a few. Thanx to noel I stayed up well past 5 am.

After one long night we did two long days at BBC radio and BBC TV. Luckly for me my camera decided to take a shit on me. So no pictures except for my those on my phone. After several long drives and some boats, here I am, three-forty AM, in Switzerland writing a blog, that I am not even sure anyone, besides my Parents, Abuelita and Wife/GF/BFF (one in the same), are reading. Oh well. Shit happens. Enjoy this Mighty Boosh Video. (BY the by, feel free to send my gramatical corrections.)

Oh yeah. Please check out these DIY punk site...that is if you are into DIY Punk.

BYOFL: the d.i.y. music network

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

a taste

This is a short post. Today, I have to get over to my friend Ron's place. We are working on his record. Hopefully, we will get it done for next spring. So the first week home is going pretty well. A short list of what I have done this week.
Sunday: Got home.
Went to farmers market.

Monday: Rode bikes with Erin.
Had greek food.
Bought CDs at Sonic Boom.

Tuesday: Saw Pirates 3.

Wednesday: Lunch with the folks.
Drove around looking for bikes. Found one for Erin.
Rode to the hill to see Sparta and went to say
goodbye to the Cha Cha.

Thursday: Went to doctor.
Went to lunch at the Honey Hole. So good.
Went to the hill to say, "Hi" to CSS, Tall Birds and Drew Church of The Cops.

Friday: Laundry.
Big Business kicked my ass. What a great show. I went with Hillary. We ran into all sorts of friends.

I put a bunch of pics up at My Photo Album. Here is a sample.

Tall Birds at the Comet.

Kerry Zettel and I.

Big Biz!

Erin and I in Vancouver