Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Some sort of Update.

12:35 Mountain Time, Tuesday, 22 May 2007.
After 9 years of touring, there is not much I haven't seen or done. But this tour, with Arcade Fire, has been one of firsts. So here is my list of things I have done on this tour that I have never done on tour before.

1) In DC, I missed bus call. It is called, "Getting oil spotted." It was ok cuz the band bus was still there (we were with band members). I was woken up, in the front lounge of the Band Bus, by a bottle of Jameson...falling on my head.

2) Played Whirly Ball. Way fun. (in Chicago)

3) Got so fucking sick I wanted to die. The first night in Chicago (Thursday 17 May), on our way to Whirly Ball, I felt a little swelling in my glands. I did not think much of it. This is the sort of thing that happens from time to time. Well by morning I felt like crap but thought I could power through. I made it all day by taking naps, Tylenol II (with Codeine), and Cola. Unfortunetly, my body lost. By Saturday morning 2:50 am, I could have shot myself. My throat was half closed and I was drooling like my mouth was a waterfall, cuz I could not swallow. The pain only let me sleep for about 20 min at a time. Long story short it was 3pm when I got my antibiotics. Missed the 330 soundcheck, but luckly, with fever in tow, I made the show. Thank you Rock Doc of Chicago for getting me a script.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

May 12, 2007...Its been a while.

May 12, 2007 Montreal, QC, Canada

Tours are a collection of days and weekends that pass so fast it is hard to keep track. The boredom of one day blends to the next. On occasion there are blimps of excitement and fun. About of a third of those can you honestly share with the “public” or Family or friends. Before Vegas had it, the saying was “What happens on the road, stays on the road.” Because shit gets crazy or intense in a way that you can’t even explain.

With that in mind I had the kind of fun I can’t share cuz I can’t remember. So it was more the boredom and crazy kind of tour. I saw friends and I saw towns I have been to before. I tried to lower by booze intake, to varying success from day to day. I would say that I am in a much healthier in body and mind, then when I started touring in 1998.

The Shins work is done unfortunately. I had a blast. They are all great guys to tour with and very low stress. Eventual I will run into them again. They will be at the summer festivals, as will I.

My newest job is Arcade Fire, a band of epic songs and instrumentations. Ten people on stage create a wall of sound worth listening to. This is looking to be another great tour year for me.

So with all that, in mind. Here are some pictures from The Shins tour, Peaches at Coachella and Arcade Fire, thus far.
Dylan Roadie.

More pictures can be found at My Photo Album

No Coast Death Squad and Me!

Burton and I, went here to shoot guns (Austin, TX).

Austin at Willie's place, "the Backyard".

A drum tech and his drummer (Austin).

A drum tech and his TM (Austin).

A drum tech and his Tattooist (71 tattoo, ALB, NM).


Jay Leno told us, "Shins! No more football." (I guess it made people nervous about their cars.)

The final show for Peaches and Herms. (Coachella)

Where the hell is Peaches going? (Coachella)

Radio city music hall (Arcade Fire). The stage is elevators. This is where it all happens below.

Arcade Fire, Coachella.

I work for this man now. (Coachella)