Thursday, March 29, 2007

2007 March SHINS

2007, March, Tour with The Shins
For more photos from the tour go here.

March 4
Dallas, TX
• Flew to Dallas at 11:45. A call for volunteers to take next flight…Very tempting.
• I actually took most of the day before to prepare my shit. Took me like an hour to pack. I made a day bag that had three days worth of clothes, cuz you never know when the airline will lose your luggage. I also brought a bigger bag then usually so that I wouldn’t have to do any laundry for the 15 day tour.
• We went out for Bar B Q. When in Rome, do as Dave Burton does. That’s my own little saying. Burton is the TM and He always eats the local foods. So I just follow his lead and often eat things I have never tried or that are not part of my usual diet (i.e. pulled pork, spicy sausage in mustard cream sauce).

March 5
Palladium Dallas, TX
• Apparently the Palladium used to be Gilley’s. The Gilley’s from Urban Cowboy!
• The show went really well. The promoter and some friends of DB took us out to Lee Harvey’s. One of the best bars ever. It has fire pits in the front yard and a dog that likes to play soccer.
• The bar was more then generous to us and it was a night of yelling, fire, dancing and drinking. Best time in Dallas ever.

Gotta love a bar that has a hammock. Dave sure did.

These are special mugs above the bar. Fantastic!

Fire and Brimstone is in your future!

March 6
Verizon Wireless, Houston, TX
• Amazing. I can’t seem to remember much of anything about this place. I had a decent bagel.

March 7
The Backyard, Austin, TX
• Willie Nelson’s Backyard. The backstage looks like a little village of cabins. The food was good.
• There were some lighting problems. One of the Mac2Ks did not want to work with us. Then it was really exciting when half the lights decided not to work, mid-show.
• Despite minor set backs, the audience didn’t know and the show was really good.

March 8
Day Off, Nashville, TN
• Just kind of tired. Sat around the hotel for a bit before hitting the strip.
• Live music in almost every bar in town. Plus two or three Karaoke nights going on. I walked around late at night having a few drinks and wandering among the various bars.
• The most disappointing place was Coyote Ugly. Holy crap what a stupid bar. In another bar I got to see a bunch of dudes draw on their passed out friend.

March 9
Ryman, Nashville, TN
• This is the world famous Ryman. Original home to the Grand Ole Opry. So much talent has graced this stage it should make you puke.
• The band learned a special country song just for this occasion. THEY KILLED IT! I was really proud to apart of their show in this venue.
• So much history in Nashville. So we headed out to a rock-a-billy bar. The band, The Hillbilly Casino, was really good. They were playing all night.. They knew their history and also had some great originals.

This placque was at the foot of the Brass Sculptures above.

March 10 The Millennium Center, Winston-Salem, NC
• And I thought Trees Lounge in Dallas had bad site lines. This place had more supports in the site line then a forest. Plus half the venue was lit up during the whole show.
• Backstage after the set and load out, Dave decided that Marty and I should form a boy band. We got the dance moves. So watch out. We start rehearsals real soon. It will be like New Edition meets Color Me Bad.
•The truly remarkable happened after leaving the venue. Around the corner there is a BYOB strip club. Now I have been known to head to a club now again. Portland is full of them and they always have some punk rock playing. Some even have a really good kitchen. But this place… was like a club of old. More then half the girls were clearly methed out. One didn’t even bother with costuming. She was just naked except for her garter to keep her cash handy. It was like being in a car wreck. Except only my mind was bashed around and I couldn’t stop staring at the craziness of the establishment. I guess I should have figured it not to be too “classy”…It was BYOB after all. Few. Get me outta here.

March 11
Day Off, Washington, DC
• Tired boring day. Saw some sites and ate cheese and crackers for dinner.

There should be more people with signs like this outside the White House.

This is the sadest memorial ever. Its for WWI. There was no buddy there.

March 12
DAR Constitution Hall, Washington, DC
• This venue is really beautiful. It holds 3700 and every seat was filled. And you could her every word whispered. Which is fun for stage to audience banter, but shitty when people are talking during particularly quiet songs.
• The venue food was good, too.
• Load out was easy and they linger for a while in the backstage. Which is always nice.

March 13
Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
• I have not been here since Coheed and Cambria. It is so much nicer coming in as a Headliner.
• After load in we had a while till we could make noise. I called up my friend Marianne who works at The Philly Zoo. She got me in and showed me around to some of the birds she takes care of.
• After sound check I met up with my friend and former band mate, Rob B. He moved to Philly in 2003 at the same time I moved to NYC. He is a good man and tells good stories. The dinner was good and so was the show.

My Zoo Keeper friend and the Bird she loves.
March 14
Conan O’Brien / Theatre @ MSG, New York City, NY
• Another long day. Two shows one city. Load in 830 am. Teamsters take it from the trailer to the ramp. The stagehands bring it the rest of the way in.
• Both Conan and the show go off without a hitch. Amazing considering all the back and forth. But in the end the day was not as hard as I thought it was going to be.
• I ended up skipping on the after party in Brooklyn. I made my way to my usual watering hole, Motor City Bar. That is where my friends work. That is where NYC friends play.

My favorite character player on the Conan O'Brien staff. (He did Cloppy on this day.)

March 15
Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA
• Easy load in. Good house. Really Good Runner. That guy drove all over hell and back to find us what we needed.
• After show we had a small dance party backstage before heading to a bar up the street. They didn’t let Stan in! It took some of us a while to figure that out. Sorry Stan.
• We had a few drinks then all pilled into the bus. A boarder crossing was in our future and we had to find our passports.

March 16
Metropolis, Montreal, QB
• Played this room with Peaches. The house guys are pretty laid back. It was 14 Degrees outside. THAT’S FREAKING COLD!
• The stage sounds nice and again nothing of real note happened. The band rocked the crowd and the crowd bought merch. That’s a successful show.
• DB, Stan and I headed out into the snow for a drink after the show. One night left. St Patties day is big in Canada too apparently. Must be all the 19 year old kids from the USA that drive up there for the “holiday”. I am so glad that we are now exporting our corporate exploitation of other people’s cultures/holidays. Lets all get drunk for a Saint we know nothing about. (note: Those were not snakes. Nor was he drinking green beer afterwards.)

March 17
Kool Haus, Toronto, ON
• Another club that I visited on the Peaches tour. The backstage is nice and there was plenty of room on stage.
• DB made sure we had plenty of supplies for the night and we cleaned out the bus too. This was the last night of the tour and we would be killing it all.
• The crowd loved it. During one of the songs James hit a snag and actually asked an audience member to refresh his memory on what the next line in the song was. The crowd dug it.

March 18
Drive day to Chicago, IL
• This was a good tour. It is rare to have a tour go so smoothly. I am really enjoying this group of guys. I have known Dave for over a decade and the rest of the guys have known my brother for quite a long time. I think that has helped. We are close in age and have seen a lot of shit on the road. When you get guys this seasoned things tend to go good. Can’t wait for April.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Next tour...The Shins

March 4th, I leave for tour with The Shins. I am looking forward to seeing clubs I haven't seen before. Also, I will get to visit with some friends that I have not seen in a couple of months. Keep an eye out and say hello.