Tuesday, February 20, 2007

BIG DAY OUT January 15-February 6 2007

Australia 2007 BDO

Monday 15 – Wednesday 17
• Long Flight. Approximetly 18 hours from Seattle to Auckland with a stop in LA.
• Passanger next to me kept elbowing me in the head. Most often when I was attempting to sleep.
• Apparently Fajitas is pronounced “Fa-jia-tas” (similar to a female body part).
• Auckland: I must just ooze drug stink cuz I spent 45 min in customs while they searched and empted all my luggage. They kept asking me if I did drugs. I told the dude, “No I drink whiskey and beer.” Customs agent, “When was the last time you smoked a joint?” Me, “5 years ago. I drink. I don’t smoke weed.” Good times.
• On the upside Limp Wrist was playing that night. Radio, Mark and I went and saw them. It was great. We talked with them a little bit and they said they wished they could come to the Peaches show, but they had a show the next day in a different city. (If you like your Hard Core fun and political, you should check them out.

Thursday 18
St. James Theatre, Auckland
• Listened to The Langley School Music Project.
• Needed some hardware parts so I walked up the hill to K Road. Saw an amazing fight between two dudes in the middle of the street. Seemed to be caused by a minor fender bender.
• The show was fun enough. Just a little hecktic. Violent Femmes were headlining which was cool. I haven’t seen them in forever.

Friday 19
BDO, Auckland
• The gear: Crap
• The Venue: whateves.
• Introducing from Japan... Afra and the Incredible Beatbox Band! This group of Japanese beat boxers went on directly after Peaches and Herms. It was so fucking cool. You will have to check them out to understand what it is they do with their voices.
• After the show we hung out in Thing 2 and Squids room. Peaches and I later took of with Roadie To Go myspace friend Venus for a party Djed by Diplo. It was good fun. We met up with CSS there. The dance party was on for about 2 hours til Peaches new shoes started to kill her feet.

January 20
Travel to Surfers Paradise
• Up at 4 am
• Mickey-D’s hash browns
• Boating in the river when we got to Surfers Paradise. Then hanging in the pool. What a lovely day.
Samantha just hanging out on the Shark infested river.

Peaches, Myself, and Mark the Lampy.

One of the many houses on the river.
January 21
BDO, Surfers Paradise
• A note to festivals. Dirt does not make for a good dance floor. Our gear got so covered in dirt it was fucking gross. Mark didn’t even need Hazer cuz there was so much dirt in the air.
• After party at the GCI. Had a little dance off of sorts with a bad ass breaker, Demi. Demi is part of the tour and she is sick on the dance floor.
• Diplo Djed this party also. His set was really good.

January 22
Great Northern, Byron Bay.

• Apparently the thing to eat on the coast on the way to Byron Bay is Pie. Meat pies, veggie pies, fruit pies, and pie pies. Mmmm. That was some good fucking pie.
• The show was on a really tiny stage. The girls got called on for two encores and during one of them Peach had a Sword Swallower come on stage. He hung clothes irons from his eyelids and swung them. Then he took them off and swallowed the sword. Fucking nuts. I almost puked.
• Poor Thing 2 reset his watch to the wrong time (daylight savings sucks sometimes) and ended up waking up during change over and had to be rushed from the hotel to the club. Oops.
• Suzy, from I Heart Hiroshima, bought me a wagon wheel after the show. It is like an oversized Mallowmar. On another note her drumming reminded me a lot of Hannah Blilie when she was in Stiletto.

January 23
Lady A’s Parents’ Bar B Q, Between Byron Bay and Brisbane

• Three hours of body boarding on a beautiful beach.
• A couple of hours of eating and Drinking at Lady A’s parents’ house. We brought beer; they made Prawns and all sorts of food. We also drank the wine that Manard (from Tool) gave Peaches. It was from Manard’s vineyard.
• I macheted the top of a Champaign bottle for us all to drink.

JD on the most eastern point of Australia.

Lady A's Mom, Samantha, Lady A's Dad and Radio.

Lady A's Dad havin' a good time.

January 24
Home, Sydney (SHOW 100)

• The club was pretty cool. Upstairs balcony and disco lights everywhere.
• Outside the club in the harbor preparations where going on for Australia Day. There was a huge barge in the middle of the harbor with guys throwing sparks and all sorts of rehearsals going on. There was a guy on the front of a boat with a Didgeridoo. He was an Aboriginal. The first time I have ever seen someone playing one that was not some fucking hippy from the local college, who thinks playing it makes him in touch with Aboriginal and/or minority plight.

January 25
BDO, Sydney

• Not much of mention for this show. Peach threw the mic to me and it was spinning so fast, with the strobes going, I dropped the mic.
• I also got a chance to see Lupe Fiasco. He is high-energy fun.

Radio rock'n!

Peaches doin what she do.

January 26
MTV-THE LAIR (Debut show), Sydney
• We loaded in at like 10 am or some shit. For a show that did not even film till 7pm. Peaches and Herms played a song at 7pm and then 7:55 pm. 12 hours or so for 2 fucking songs. What a long day.
• On the upside JAGER, all we could drink! Radio was stoked, cuz she apparently loves JAGER. All in all it wasn’t a shitty day just way to long.

January 27
Travel Day to Melbourne

• Just another day. Nothing extraordinary went on except the awesome set by Afra and the IBB, at their one off show.

January 28
BDO, Melbourne

• Some jackass stole Radio’s pass while she was jumping around in the mushroom backstage.
• The after party was pretty freaking awesome. There was dancing with members of Tool and the Crystal Method and their respective crews.
• Met some more nice people and had an all around good time.

Radio, that fire starter guy, and Samantha.

January 29
Day Off, Melbourne

• The nice thing about Big Day Out is that we often are put up in nice hotel suites. This is because we are in town for so many days. Each suite has two rooms and a functioning kitchen. It is the most at home I have ever been able to feel on tour in a long time. It’s the small things like a kitchen that you miss when you are on tour. So my day went something like this.
o Brunch
o Nap
o Snack
o Watch the Departed on TV
o Nap
o Dinner
o Karaoke [w/ Peaches, JD, Lady A, Paul (our TM), Hughe (our Monitor guy), Afra and the IBB, Hot Chip...]

Myself and Radio, cooking brunch.

Thing 2 is fucking tired.

January 30
POW (show 1 of 2), Melbourne

• Peaches and Herms killed it. For the first song of the encore Peaches did “tent in your pants” with Afra and the IBB backing her rather then the protools track. It was hot shit. The crowd went fucking nuts.
• After the show a few of our BDO band buddies came backstage and got their drinky drink on with us.
• We all headed over to the after party. It was in some guy’s penthouse on the 30th floor of a building over looking most of Melbourne. It was fucking sweet.
• Diplo was Djing outside on the balcony. A balcony that was more the twice the size of my apartment. It was massive.
• On another note the line was so big for the toilet when I got there, that I did it house punk style and just peed in the tub.

Me and the guy that coaches that famous tennis player (i forget both their names. I do that sometimes. Sorry.)

January 31
POW (show 2 of 2), Melbourne

• Another awesome show.
• Note to show goers you see the roadie throw one person off stage…don’t think to yourself, “Maybe he will let me stay on stage.” At a show like Peaches there is all sorts of expensive electronics, Protools; Computers; Keytars; etc, that if you break them the whole show goes down in flames and it is your fault. Think about it for a minute people. Unless you are invited or it’s the Circle Jerks, STAY THE FUCK OFF STAGE!!! I love to stage dive, too. I even have the surgery scar to prove it. But you gotta know when it’s appropriate. (I threw 5 People off stage. I think all of them between the main set and the encore. Come the fuck on...)

February 1
Travel Day, Adelaide

• Nap and then a swim
• Indian food with Samantha, JD, Ken and Scott of Crystal Method...

JD and I at the Indian Resturant.

Ken (Crystal Method) and I at the Indian Resturant.

February 2
BDO, Adelaide

• You know I did not write any notes. Guess there was not much of note on this day. At least nothing to share. Some days just don’t stick out in your mind when you tour. It can be pretty hectic.
• The same can be said about the next day. It was just another flight/travel day.

February 3-6
• Lady A and I Djed at Lilly World. It was an awesome fun time.

• The after party on the 4th was like last day of school/Prom. Everybody came out even those that had never been at the other after parties.
• Everybody had rocked their hardest on the last day and now we were all drinking, dancing and going crazy our hardest!
• They had an adult size bouncing room. Danny from Tool collapsed one of the walls. He is a huge massively tall man and took it down no prob.
Spank rock, Diplo and I think DJ Justice rocked the decks for the dancing members of the party. Demi and her lady, I think Afra, and I rocked the dance floor for a while, Break’n style. It was hot and awesome.
• After going to bed at about 5 am I woke up at 8 30 am. “Oh, Shit! I am late for the Super Bowl party!” was what I thought. I ran 6 blocks to the hotel from the after party. Samantha was already there. Mary Jo, Tool’s TM set up a Super Bowl party for the US dudes and dudettes. It was fun. No U.S. commercials played because they only get a direct feed over there. They were surprisingly missed. But damn that was a good game. So many turnovers! But the highlight was Prince. Probably the best halftime shows ever.

February 6
Hilo, Hawaii

• I left Australia at 930am landed in Hawaii at 715am the same day. Unfortunately the plane was late. I missed my connecting flight to Hilo and had to buy another ticket.
• Erin and I had a good time in Hawaii. She had been there the whole time I was in Australia.