Monday, December 31, 2007

Get Back....Pajama Jammy Jam, pt.1: the day before.

Gabe has been busting his ass and I have been helping. He decided for a work slow down yesterday, he stepped on a nail. Things are clean and ready. The Pajama Jammy Jam blog is up and so is the Twitter.

Have a bitch'n' NYE and NY08!

The Roadie House Room Pics:

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Decembers Children...

Here I am, here you are, here it is...the end of the year. It was a pretty eventful year. I got some pics of this past month. Hope you all have a great New Years Eve.

Gabe is showing, Lil' Mo, how to have fun with cousins. (Second Sunday Dinner)

Everyone is going Bananas at Havana!

Avram is just relaxing after freaking out on Christmas catnip.

Jaimi and I, at Sing Sing! (warroom) (More Pictures.)

The Hoovers had a puppy over. (More Photos From December.)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Final Countdown...

D-I-V-O-R-C-E-P-A-R-T-Y at Havana was a good time. Lots of friends showed up. It wasn't packed but it was nice of people to stop by and have a drink. There were two awkward instances, one confused ex showed up by accident and one girl with too much attitude towards one of the divorcees, almost started a fight. I brought in some cupcakes...3 dozen. They were all consumed.

The party was a good way to let some tension go about the divorce. February will be the month that my Marriage officially ends. I expect that it will be a month of mixed emotions. I didn't get married with the intention of divorce. Mistakes were made, things were said, and now things are coming to an end. But my next life is starting to begin nicely. I feel like I am in a pilot episode of a spin-off. Its slow going, but the story is just being laid out for all the adventure, hilarity and life as misery, that will ensue.

Thanx to all that came out to the party. Thanx to those that have been helping me out over the last couple months. And to Los Angeles, I'll see you in about two weeks.

Photos from the party and brunches can be seen HERE.

Feelin' it.

Bob and I.

Lee...enjoying himself?

Sugar to get everyone through.

DJ Sad Bastard and I.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Dr. Dre Dyl...(he is made out of clay.)

Almost half way through December and I am tired. So many events and tasks at hand. Here is some of the things I have done.

*Biked in the snow with Bob. It was not our intent. But shit happens.

*Bought a new bike. (will get pics)

* Sunday Brunch has been going great.

*Got new Pjs for the Pajama jammy jam 2008.

* Hanuka at the 'rents.

*More then a few nights at the Cha.

*Checked out Torpedo Screen Printing's new digs.

*Watched a friend play with saline.

*Saw the most awesome two bass band in a long time, at the Comet in Seattle. They are the Weird Lords. They played with Dungen and Disco masters, DOOMHAWK.

*Cha Cha Christmas Party. I went with my friends the Hoover Sisters. We started at Havanathen proceeded to the party the party. I thought I was going to crash it, but apparently I have been on the list for years. Who knew? Not me. Kevin Willis and John Atkins were down stairs tending bar, while Hank and Jeff Montano held down the upstairs bar. Spencer Moody was Santa. Times were grand. So many people. To many to mention.

So here are some pics. More can be seen here.

Hanuka with the fam and friends.

Brian at his new Torpedo digs.

New PJs, for the Pajama Jammy Jam.

Sunday brunch. Note: Do not order a pitcher of Mimosa when you are the only drinker at the table. I forgot Bob would not be there. Oops!

Sometimes when you are playing with bleed.

Its me and the Talent. He is a good man. (Cha Cha xmas)

Hey who is that man behind the stache...He goes by many names. His parents call him Marcus. I call him Awesome.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Gettin divorced? Live the puget sound? come to my party to celebrate the next step in life after Divorce. All friends welcome.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Use Your Illusions I&II...

So here is the rest of my November.

You can see more pics HERE.

Tearing down a wall at Gabe's.

Make sure you put up supports before tearing down the wall. My Dad and Gabe.

Hey, look, there is the start of a bar and my mom.

I baked this cherry pie for Thanxgiving.

Avram is making sure the dog is safe. I had the kids for the holiday. It was nice. I love my cats.

This is how Gabe joins Thanxgiving from Chicago.

Atari Geek and Gabe Merch Monkey. We hit the hot tub. They work for Straylight Run. 7am bus call=hot tub and whiskey til 4 am.

Das Llamas, opening for Les Savy Fav, at Neumo's.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

90 Days...

So my updates are late. A bunch of people have been bugging me. I know, I haven't posted my early stories like I said I would. oh well.

November started out pretty good. I saw Rocky Votolato at the Showbox on the 1st. Then flew out the next day to Austin for Fun Fun Fun Fest 2. It was a blast. Murder City Devils played two shows. One on Saturday the 3rd and at the festival on the 4th. I got to see all sorts of people I have not seen in forever.

The first show was insane. I had forgotten just how nuts a MCD show can be. It doesn't just sound like a riot looks, it looks like one, too. I ended up working as a security detail for the first show. I totally understand why the boys and girl do not want to do that shit every night for weeks on end.

The week after I got home, I filed for Divorce. Myself and some other recent Divorcees will be having a Divorce Reception at Havana in Seattle this December.

Last week a bunch of peeps and I went to the Muckleshoot Casino, I walked away 172 bucks up. Not bad at all.

now for some pics. (as always you can find more on my online photo album.)

Chopper and I the first night in Austin.

The calm before the storm.

This looks like a riot sounds.

Derek in his new band, The Cave Singers at 2pm the next day. Derek actually played four sets in 24hours. That man is a hard working S.O.B.

Me, Majbritt, Gabe and Merchbot 2000 at Fun3 Fest. Ten years later and she is still full of it...ENERGY!

This girl is doing math with a graphing calculator, at the fest!

The band in full swing.


Dead Flowers.

This is my October update. (yes I know it is almost december)

A outline of october:
* Birthdays!
*My 31st
*My Dad's 57th
*and five more all in the same week as mine!

*Second Sunday Dinner blog is born.

*some work, some shows.

*Erin and I decide the split will be final.

Now here is the pictures.

Patton Oswalt, letting a heckler have an ear full. (Showbox)

Working at my parents house

Then I went and worked at Gabe's house. Doesn't he look like one of the DRs from ET?

Went to Dr. V's birthday party as him.

Older Dr.V and "Younger" Dr.V.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Coming Soonish...

About three months ago shit kind of hit the fan for me. Those close to me know what all went down. I will not bore you with the details. In the mean time I have been writing a lot. So starting next week I am going to post tour stories of the past and adventures that I have had in Seattle.

Tonight, I work the Pogues show at the Showbox Sodo...


ps check out my brother's blog, The Best Chapters. He has lots of great blog links, too.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Done kissing the bottle...

I am learning to relax. I spend a lot of time thinking right now. I have been doing some painting. A little bit of talking with my friends all across the country.

I will be turning 31 fairly soon. I can't help but have a sort of midlife crisis/review of life thing, going on right now. I guess better now then later.

So, if you have not seen me in a while...I have not been around (for years). Well I am in Seattle now. Don't be afraid to call me up. Lets grab coffee. Hell just shoot me a text.

Thats about it. for now.


p.s. Here are some pics of me learning to relax.



Breakfast with friends. (Planes Mistaken For Stars)

Visiting my new cousin, Nolan Erik Castro.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On the road again

Well I really thought I could keep the blog up. But when you are hanging out on Venice beach everyday, trips to vegas, driving to philly, and driving back to don't find much time to write on line. As always you can find more pictures from my trip at Roadie To Go Photo Albums.

A list of things I got done on my trip:

*Wrote some more of my story/script.
*Swam in the Pacific.
*Saw way to many HUGE CROSSES!!! I mean these things were fucking huge. Hey America, I get it, your christian. Now shut up.
*Saw lots of friends.
*Went to Denver fest. Saw the bands Git Some and Kingdom of Magic, amazing.
*Ran over a skunk. Sorry. That sucked.

Bands that got me through the trip:

Lucero"Attic Tapes"

See Me River

Das Llamas "World War"

Rocky Votolato"The Brag and Cuss"

The Murder City Devils

The Aggrolites

Some pics from my trip:

My tent in my friends backyard. Venice, California.

Giggle Spice, Robin, Erik Bailey and Me. Cha Cha, LA, CA.

Giggle and Me on our way to win $1100 in Las Vegas, NV.

Win $1100...Spend the next day at the pool with a huge margarita with gummy worms!

Marty and I in the ALB.

Car show in NYC.

Boy that was a hard day at the car show.

Mar Mar Superstar's cat slept here all day.

Rob B, Molly, Stella, Mar Mar, and Me, on the stoop. Philly, PA.

I found the last 25 Cent pay phone!

oops! Guess not. Thanx Philly.

Git Sum! Denver Fest.

Bar B Q, Denver. "Last day of my trip"