Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A tour in Brief..

I started keeping notes on this tour to make my blog more true to the facts. But alas I only did that for a day or two. So here are the scat things I can remember about each date on the tour so far.

November 24 - NYC-
* Jet Blue red eye arrival at 8am
* No place to sleep before load in
* Irving plaza good local crew. Very helpful and a nice room to play. The show was a good one, but still would have rather started tour in a smaller city. The bigger the city, the bigger the pressure is to perform.

November 25 - Philly
* Haven't been to the Troc since The Donna "Turn 21", and that was kind of a nightmare.
* My friends Rob B and Marianne M came out. That was cool. I introduced them and they hit it off. Sometimes when I invite friends to shows I feel bad cuz I don't get to hang with them as much as I want. But like pets if you get two they can just keep each other company.
* Show was really good. We did the stretcher trick but this time we were able to take Peach off SL and back on SR. It was pretty comical.

November 26 - Washington DC.
* 930 club. What can you say about a club so awesome. The whole stage moves to fit the room to the attendance. Way awesome dressing room. Only bummer two shows that day so we loaded in at 8AM!
* Marianne drove down from Philly we got to hang some more. And she hung with Lampys boy. So things were good.
* The band from the first show was Real Big Fish. They stayed for the show. Which I think was funny because JD was a fan of theirs in High School.

November 27 - Charlottesville, VA
* Great record store attached to the venue
* Good Curry place attatched to venue
* Smallish room and the crowd went bananas. Thanx Charlottesville

November 28 - ATL, GA
* I like the Variety Playhouse. The stage has AC vents in the floor. It keeps things nice
* Walked around Little Five. Went into American apparel. Checked out clothes cuz I want to start printing up Roadie To Go merch on everything.
* Went to the record store by Junkmans Daughter (I think that is what it is called). I bought magazines. cuz that record store is like the size of a closet but has as much as Amoeba. It is so amazing. I just didn't have the time.

November 29 - Travel day. Stopped in Nashville to get toilet fixed. Amazingly enough I didn't do shit. I was in Nashville and I didn't do shit. I am a fucking idiot.

November 30 - FT. Worth, TX
* Ice. Storm. Cancel Show.
*But not before we straightened up their stage.

December 1 - Austin, TX
* The fun fun fun fest, was not to bad.
* Met a fun band called ADHD. Turns out my friend Brandi (NIN Fan club wrangler) knows them. Small world.
* Got to see the Applicators (I thought they had broken up), got to see Circle Jerks (awesome), and I got to see Whitey's Drummer play with a severely sprained ankle. Poor guy hurt that shit right after load in.
* Thanx Austin you always know how to party and that crowd was really excited.

December 2 - NOLA
* I really like the house of blues in NOLA. It has good food and a good bunch of people staffing the place.
* I didn't explore NOLA as much as last time but I think I was just too tired this time.
* It was Quintron's home town and man they fucking rocked it. I really enjoy them.

December 3 - Tally, FL
*Beta lounge. Please sweep your stage. Holy shit it was dirty up there. Everyone was great but I question the sanity of having a bar carpeted in Florida.
* the System was old but that doesn't stop the party. Another good crowd.
* It was perfect timing for us because it was the last day of the Queer/Trans convention that was going on in town. So I think that brought a lot of people out. Good times.

December 4 - Orlando, FL
* They built a fucking catwalk for Peaches. It was awesome.
* I went to wipe up a champagne (SP?) mess on the cat walk and peaches poured it in my mouth. That was fun.
* There was a crew of kids from Full Sail helping out. They were helpful and nice.

December 5 - Miami, FL,
* its a day off. The beach is kind of cold and there are no bikinis to be seen. I was disappointed. I thought Miami was supposed to be a "Diddy" or Will Smith video all the time. Guess I was wrong.
* went to a opening party and some dude got nude, swam in the pool, got dressed, and then was thrown out. Security was polite.
* party was kind of lame til that happened and I also found the hand rolled cigars. I mean they rolled them right there in front of you! That is fucking amazing. Oh and the Tamales were not half bad.
* went to another opening and some crazy German performance artist was screaming about Utters filled with Maggots. Man I wish I was that "artistic".

View from stage in Miami.

December 6 - Miami, FL
* We play on the beach in front of our hotel. There is a 30% chance of rain and our stage has no roof. I refuse to load on to stage til we get some tarps. It takes almost 2 hours for them to get some tarps.
* after sound check we sit on our asses for four hours til show time. We covered everything with tarps encase of rain. no rain. Sweet.
* Show is going pretty awesome except for the creepy guy stage center who keeps pulling himself part way onto stage. I yell at him. He gets down.
* For fuck the pain away the band hands off their instruments to us, the stage crew, and runs down to the beach. Chaos ensues as the band trys to keep peaches from being mauled by the crowd that has followed. Samantha is blocking people like its the Super Bowl.

December 7- Mexico City, Mexico
* I don't go to sleep the night before because we have to leave for the airport at 530am.
* We have to have security let us into Peaches' room so that we can get her to the Airport. She was tired.
* Arrival at the venue they have already set up my drums. I think they thought all the Vdrums on the plot were cymbals cuz there is like 10 cymbals on my set. I ask Tupac (one of the 10 helpful people at the venue) if there is a fan for samantha. They pull out a fan as big as Samantha's kick drums.
* one of the highlights was waiting on the Lighting rig. It was stuck in a RIOT! Amazing. I guess Mexico is heading for another revolution.

The Square around the block from our Hotel in Mexico City

Bunks on bus to Acapulco

December 8 - Acapulco, Mexico
* Prison bus to Acapulco
* Shitty humidity resting on all our gear and stage
* Awesome hotel we don't even get to enjoy.

A view from the hotel in Acapulco. To bad we only got an hour or so to enjoy it.

December 9 - Monterey, Mexico
* its fucking cold so they moved the show inside.
* Small stage, large crowd. Good times.
* the Girls have the THings take a bow. It felt very awkward.

December 10 - Tijuana
* Its TJ. Something is bound to go wrong.
* The people driving the generator over, so we can have power for the lights, get pulled over and arrested for not having the proper license to drive a generator around town.
* The venue is an old Hi lie (I spelled that wrong also) Court. So it is big with lots of natural reverb. What a grand place to have a show.
* as always we work past and the local crew is nice so everything goes well. Oh wait til that fucking idiot who got on stage wouldn't leave nicely. She ended up kicking over the Marshall as I carried her off stage.

Crossing the border from TJ to the USA.

Decmeber 11,12,13,14 - LA, CA
*I have a shit ton of people to see in four days. I see almost everybody except for 3/4 of Bullet Train To Vegas.

* The days are pretty much a blur but I do get some shopping done. I also start to hatch the Roadie To Go clothing plan. I met a lot of people and think that it can work.

December 15- Sacto, CA
* First night of Hanuka. We need a Manorah. So Thing 2 and I start drinking Corona. The plan is to make a Manorah out of empty bottles. The plan works and man I am a little drunk early in the day.
* For most of our touring comrades this is their first Hanuka. It was fun.
* Peaches decided to let the crowd pick the songs this night. And even did a Q&A mid show. It was a blast.

A glass Manorah.

Radio rides JD.

Peaches rides Thing 2

December 16 - SF, CA
* at the Fillmore again. I like this joint. They have lunch waiting for you and dinner is pretty rad.
* Its the last night of tour and we let loose. We have a cooler of beer on the stage and the band and crew are ready to drink it.
* Four different songs have groups of dancers on stage. Jeffree Star and his troupe come up for Shake your Dix. The girls from Kansas come up for another song (Can't remember which). And they all join in for I think fuck the pain away.

Set it off (7002)

Bus Party. 2.0, Nicole (Jeffree's Dancers), Samantha, Jeffree, and Jenn (monitors).

Samantha, Jeffree, JD and Peaches. (Amy our TM in the background)

Amy relaxing finally.
Jeffree and I.

Note: Memories are shifty and clearly there are holes and things that don't add up. But you get the gist. Tour was good, exciting, shitty and tiring all at the same time. I wouldn't change it for the world.

see you at Big Day Out!

-Thing 1-