Friday, November 17, 2006

November Rain

Back in Seattle, it rains. What a suprise. After the Japan dates, which went by too quickly but were a blast, Erin and I went to Las Vegas! We go to Vegas every year and this year it was for a friend's wedding. it was short and quick. It was good fun.

So getting home was nice. I have almost completed the move-in that I started 6 months ago. Sleeping has been great fun.

So I have already packed my bags for the next tour. Due to requests, "Roadie To Go" Shirts will soon be available for sale. I am working on a special edition "Thing 1 and Thing 2" design.

A few pictures from the last couple of months. Please note that the time code is on West Coast Time (an 8 to 10 hours difference from where the pics where taken)

Humanzi Gent, Mark the Lampy, David Bulton and Thing 2-a hotel room in Dublin. (Thing 1 behind the camera)

Lady A (Merch seller) and JD hold me up. I spill a beer in my lap!

an awesome park in Spain.

I am in France! Its the Med. I have a drink in my hand! it is the most original tour pic ever.

Samantha Drumming her ass off.

Paris. Peaches, in her silver pants, taught them the Snow Ball. Its like the roller rinks i would go to as a kid.

JD, Samantha, Radio, Jennifer and Lady A (not pictured). On our way up the hill to see an awesome cathedral. (France)

This thing pulled us up that hill. It was huge! In Israel it would be called a mountain.

This girl got into the show. She climbed on stage and shook it. You can find her on Suicide Girls. (Leeds, The Cockpit)

Its a day off/travel day through France and Spain on our way to Lisbon. Dave is already in the bag. What a story he must be telling.

We stopped in Northern Spain on our way to Lisbon. It was so pretty!

Lady A at a palace and Musuem in Madrid (?).

TO MANY FRIES!!! They covered these things in Guac, Cheese and that sauce you dip spring rolls into! Oh London you finally got cuisine right.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

an update. hello november!

Hello friends. Here is an update for those that have not heard from me in a while.

I have been touring so fucking much with peaches and I am so tired. I just spent a week out with gabe helping him on this new production job. its like a touring benefit concert.

I am home now but only for a short time. the next peaches tour starts on the 24th in NYC. You can find tour dates at Peaches Rocks

Erin and I are doing pretty well its been hard being away but we are saving for a house. so it should be worth it.

the holidays are coming and so is a month long break. if any of you need a DJ for your holiday party let me know. I got new records and music that I am aching to play.

keep on a rocking.

now i shall go back to sleep.