Thursday, August 24, 2006

Jet Lag gettin in the Bag

Where: UK
Whey: Reading and Leeds.

In the past week I have slept alot, cleaned house, fought with my wife, made up with my wife and planned a European vacation. It has been nice to feel 'normal'.

Now back to unreality. Flew into the UK today. No free booze on American Airlines international flights...WHAT THE SHIT IS THAT!!!! I was so fucking pissed. I had to pay 5 bucks, with a CC (idiot that I am I forgot to bring cash), for a shitty bottle of wine. But I had Xanax. mmmm, sleep.

Got to hotel. Fucking hell there sits Blaze James! got to room. got to bar. Holy shit its the Eagles of Death Metal! Holy shit its Mastadon. I traded drinks with Brent from Mastadon.#

Now I am writing a blog rather than going to the Kerrang Awards. Which I wanted to do since Blaze James totally hooked me up with two tickets but then everyone bailed on me and I don't have 60 pounds to spend on a cab there and back! Sorry Blaze.

well there is an update.

p.s. check out for pictures of the Peaches Tour.