Saturday, May 27, 2006

And in other news

On Tuesday Erin was supposed to fly to Idaho Falls but had a panic attack. I picked her up and the airport and we headed for Idaho Falls for Mason's High School Graduation. This was a very pleasant trip. The drive was long but the stay was nice. I am not sure what it is with Idaho Falls but damn those kids love sex. I can not remember the last time I saw so many super young parents. I am talking people under 21 with one kid or more. I even saw two girls prego that could not be older than 19. It is mind blowing! Maybe I am just a stuck up City folk...But STOP HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX!!! Come on people lets live a little before having babies! One of the most mind blowing was the girl at a resturant that we went to talking to the hostess about having her wedding reception at the resturant. She looked about 16. I know some people can look younger than they are but come on!

Erin thinks that this town's children giving birth to children is because of abstinence only education. Maybe they just need a good all ages club in town. They are obviously bored.

If you want more information about sex that schools are not teaching check out Scarleteen.

We left on Friday earlyish. Our root was through Portland, Or. We stopped for dinner at 9pm. There is this great organic/natural food resturant called Vita Cafe. It has a ton of vegan and veggie food as well as the best hamburgers. My favorite is the Jimbo. Bacon, Egg, Burger on a wheat bun. How fantastic. All the desserts are the best vegan desserts ever! You wouldn't even know if they did not tell you. I suggest to all my veggie/vegan and organic consciense friends to try it out.


Sunday, May 21, 2006

Peaches Tour Dates

This is where I will be for two months.

7-Jun LA, CA - rehearsals 2pm-10pm
8-Jun LA, CA - rehearsals 2pm-10pm
9-Jun LA, CA - rehearsals 2pm-1opm

Thu-Jun-15 OFF
Fri-Jun-16 Holmdel NJ PNC Bank Arts Center
Sat-Jun-17 Wantagh NY Jones Beach Amphitheatre
Sun-Jun-18 Saratoga SPAC
Mon-Jun-19 OFF
Tue-Jun-20 Hartford CT New England Dodge Music
Wed-Jun-21 Portland ME Cumberland County Civic
Thu-Jun-22 OFF
Fri-Jun-23 Boston Tweeter Center
Sat-Jun-24 Toronto Molson Amphitheatre
Sun-Jun-25 Detroit DTE Energy Music Theater
Mon-Jun-26 OFF
Tue-Jun-27 Cleveland, OH Blossom Music Theater
Wed-Jun-28 Columbus, OH Germain Amphitheater
Thu-Jun-29 OFF
Fri-Jun-30 Pittsburgh, PA Post-Gazette Pavilion
Sat-Jul-01 Chicago First Midwest Bank Amphitheater
Sun-Jul-02 Milwaukee, WI Summerfest-Marcus
Mon-Jul-03 Indianapolis, IN Verizon Wireless Music
Tue-Jul-04 OFF
Wed-Jul-05 OFF
Thu-Jul-06 OFF
Fri-Jul-07 Irvine Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
Sat-Jul-08 Mountain View Shoreline Amphitheater


Jul 15 Sat Denver, CO Gothic Theatre Travel/Show Day
Jul 16 Sun Lawrence, KS Granada Travel Day
Jul 17 Mon Chicago, IL Vic Theatre Travel/Show Day
Jul 19 Wed Montreal, QC Metropolis Travel/Show Day
Jul 24 Mon Baltimore, MD Recher Theatre Travel/Show Day
Jul 25 Tue Norfolk, VA Travel/Day Off
Jul 26 Wed Norfolk, VA Norva Show Day
Jul 27 Thu Atlanta, GA Variety Playhouse Travel/Show
Jul 28 Fri New Orleans, LA House of Blues Travel/Show Day
Jul 29 Sat Austin, TX Emo’s Outside travel/Show Day
Jul 30 Sun New Mexico Travel Day
Jul 31 Mon Las Vegas, NV House of Blues Travel/Show Day
Aug 1 Tue San Diego, CA House of Blues Travel/Show Day

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pro Choice. Anti Asshole.

Erin and I, along with some friends, did a walk/run for NARAL a pro-choice organization. It was a good day. We called ourselves the Feminist Anti-definition League. I made bandanas at work with a logo I did on photoshop. It was a lot of fun.

I also got to go see Planes Mistaken for Stars in the studio one last time. The leave tomorrow to head back home. The record sound really great.

Just go home from this great day but my myspace mail had to emails from a certain "shark" that thinks I am a seal. Apparently he just can not get enough of me. I am going to eat some tofutti Cuties and cool out.


Monday, May 01, 2006

Don't forget your roots!

This Spring has been an awesome show month for me. I did not go to a lot of shows but those that I went to reminded me why I got into music and why I love "Punk". ( I use the quotes because the word is so over used, that in some ways it has lost meaning and also I hate to confine myself so much. )

In March for Spring break I went on tour with Bullet Train To Vegas for a week. It was great fun. Most the shows where not spectacular because of the lack of attendance but it was fun. Boise, Idaho being one of the best because it was a house show and people were there for the music. That is always nice. The other bands on the tour, Read Yellow and Haram, both rocked the house. The show reminded me of how much fun the 90s were. (in another blog I will talk about the other fun tour stuff).

The Bullet Train tour was just a build up to April. Each show was better than the last. April 8, 2006 I went to the Funhouse to catch an awesome cover group...JEWDRIVER the Jewish Skrewdriver cover band. They did a wonderful job of fucking up Skrewdriver songs and even did a Black Flag cover. A band that sets out to tell Skins where they can stick it by making racist songs more Jewish is awesome! They get a shit ton of hate mail. Jewdriver

Two weeks later a show I have been waiting for a long fucking time was Paint it Black, The Shook Ones at the Paradox. I first heard about Paint it Black in Punk Planet. Unfortunately with all the touring the last couple of years I have not been able to catch them. They only came through the NW one other time and that was like two years ago or something. I was surprised to dig the other bands, The Loved Ones and Sinking ships.

I got to the show a little early and it looked like, besides the bands, I would be the old guy at the show. While I was waiting Gary (MxPx merch guy) showed up. I have had mutual friends with Gary for sometime but never really hung out. He is a familiar face and it was nice to have some one to talk to. He just had a kid which is awesome. Kids rule.

The doors opened and I paid my fee. I think that and Jewdriver are the first two shows I have paid for in about a year or so. Working at the showbox I see shows for free cuz I am working them or cuz I get in on the list. Paying feels good. I like supporting touring bands that I like.

Before the show started this girl played her High School Senior project, a documentary on Hard Core. Unfortunately, like most younger scene kids, the definition of Hard Core was limited to SxE. This actually pisses me off a bit because to many people think Hard Core is only straight edge and that leaves guys like me feeling un welcome. Ok so they didn't make me feel awkward but I bet there are some kids that think that they have to be Edge if they want to go to shows. Which then just makes them bending to peer pressure, UNPUNK! So after the decent documentary the Sinking Ships played. They were not bad but I think their biggest selling point to people right now is that one of them is the younger brother of a member of Champion.

The Shook Ones from Bellingham played a good set. I had wanted to see them since I found out about them at KUGS in Bellingham. They are a local band up there and are like the home town heroes cuz they got signed to Rev. Good for them. The set was good and they couldn't stop thanking Paint it Black because they were on tour with them. During there set there was an actual Circle Pit! I have not scene a genuine circle pit in a long time. (extra credit question: Which direction does a circle pit move?) Man did I get tired in the pit...I must be getting old.

I was happily surprised by the Loved Ones. I had not heard of them before. The Bass Player, Spider, was in Lifetime and the Singer, Dave, was the roadie for Kid Dynamite. The whole set was bouncy, fun, and raw Pop Punk. Kind of like early Green Day. There is a lot of Bay Area grim in their sound, I love that sound. It was great seeing people sing along like they were a HC band. Finger pointing was occurring. Fantastic! I spent most the set bouncing and trying to figure out why the singer looked so familiar. I later talked with him and it turned out I met him when I was touring with Blood Brothers. He was the Explosions TM on the AFI tour. We talked about that a bit exchanged numbers.

My wait was rewarded with a high energy, in your face set by Paint It Black. These guys are my age or older and they fucking rock! The show is pretty much a blur. Highlights include great pit action, the singer actually talking about things that matter (When's the last time somebody said shit at a show that mattered and didn't sound wind baggy), finger pointing, a sing along at the end, and just tons of fun.

I made sure to buy the loved ones ten inch and new CD as well as the Paint It Black 12 inch and a Philly comp on ten inch. FANTASTIC! I know I am not a great writer but damn I was so pumped after the show. We smoked some weed and Drank some beer after words in the band touring box truck. Ok so I didn't smoke the weed but it was being passed around. The box truck was a conversion they did themselves by adding bunks and gear space. Its like a mini tour bus.

I left the show faith returned in Punk/Hard Core and Music in general. Also a new friend in Gary. And a connection to some East Coasters. That makes for a great night.

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